Ron DeSantis wrote the last 10 words anyone ever expected to see come from an elected official

Mar 8, 2024

Florida’s economy is booming thanks to Ron DeSantis’ leadership.

Republicans in the Florida Legislature tried to reward the Governor with a massive pay increase.

But then Ron DeSantis wrote the last 10 words anyone ever expected to see come from an elected official.

Florida Outperforms Other States

Many Americans are struggling to make ends meet under Joe Biden’s Presidency.

Homelessness is at record levels, more than half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and eight million illegal aliens have entered the country in the past three years.

But while Democrat-led states like California and New York are facing economic disasters, Florida has served as a refuge for freedom and sanity in America.

Thanks to DeSantis’ leadership, Florida ranked number-one in domestic net in-migration for the third straight year in 2023.

It also led the nation last year in new business formation and was the top spot for entrepreneurship.

Florida has the highest GDP growth among large states and the lowest number of state employees per capita at 96 per 10,000 (82 full time).

And in the 2024 budget, DeSantis said his proposal “reduces the budget by $4 billion from the previous year, placing $16.3 billion in reserves and paying down another $455 million in state debt ahead of schedule.”

In his State of the State Address, the Governor boasted about how Republicans “have run budget surpluses and paid down debt while also enacting record-setting tax reductions, and even with these tax savings given to our residents, we have brought in $1.3 billion over projections since the start of the fiscal year.”

“In the Governor’s budget recommendations, I am proposing that we return $1.1 billion to the people through sweeping tax cuts that will provide even more relief to families, individuals, and retirees just trying to get by during these uncertain times,” DeSantis added.

But Republicans in the State Legislature approved a proposal that would raise the Governor’s annual salary to “at least 100%” of what a member of the Florida Supreme Court makes, which is $251,414.

DeSantis Rejects Pay Raise for Governor’s Office

According to financial disclosure reports, DeSantis currently makes $141,000 per year as Governor.

The proposal would not take effect until after DeSantis left office in 2027.

However, the Governor sent a message to Republican lawmakers that they needed to revise the proposal and remove the Governor’s pay raise.

“I’ve spoken to legislative leaders and asked that they remove a proposed 3% increase for the Governor’s salary in next year’s budget,” DeSantis wrote on X. “While this increase is appropriate for others given the persistent inflation in the US economy, it is best to leave the Governor’s salary as is.”

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