A teacher in Florida sent her student home with one mark that landed her behind bars

Mar 26, 2024

Government schools have become a nightmare for parents across the country.

From Critical Race Theory to woke gender identity politics, parents never know what radical idea their children may come home and tell them about next.

But a teacher in Florida sent her student home with one mark that landed her behind bars.

The pandemic exposed many parents to the left-wing indoctrination their children were facing each day in government-run schools across the country.

This led to parents showing up at school board meetings in droves to protest the teaching of Critical Race Theory and other woke identity politics in the classroom.

Children are also being brainwashed with the Left’s woke gender identity politics.

But the problem goes beyond indoctrination.

America’s Schools are a danger zone for kids

Family members started to grow concerned when a middle school student in Florida kept coming home with “marks” on her body.

When questioned about the marks, the young girl told her family that she had an accident while playing football at school.

However, the family could tell she was not telling the truth and continued to press for more answers.

The family members’ instincts were right, and the girl admitted that it was hickey marks she received from a female teacher at school.

According to police reports, family members “realized that something wasn’t right and continued pushing for answers.”

“Through further investigation, they were able to identify that it was from kissing and it did look like a hickey on the student,” the report added.

The young girl said she began skipping her sixth period Physical Education class in February.

Her sixth period class happened to coincide with teacher Felicia Smith’s non-teaching planning period.

The girl spent her time in Smith’s classroom with her in the closet and told police officers she was forced to touch her inappropriately.

“According to the affidavit, when the victim skipped sixth period to visit Smith, the teacher grabbed her by the hand and told her to ‘follow her into the closet,’ where she willingly went into it with Smith,” CBS reported.  “At this moment, Smith was then kissing the victim on her cheeks and neck,” CBS continued. “The victim told police that she did not kiss Smith back and that Smith only touched her neck and the front of her thighs but not her intimate areas.”

Teacher arrested after giving student a hickey mark

Police arrested Smith on Wednesday and charged her with molestation of a child between the ages of 12 and 16 and lewd and lascivious conduct.

According to the young girl, Smith frequently told her “not tell anyone because she could lose her job if people found out.”

Smith did not deny the accusations.

Smith told police she had been “having a maternal relationship with the student since the beginning of the year, and did admit that there was kissing involved after that.”

The Broward County School Board wrote in a statement that Smith had been “reassigned away from the school.”

“The safety of our students is always our top priority,” they said in a statement. “Broward County Public Schools is fully cooperating with the Hollywood Police Department in its investigation,” the statement continued. “The teacher has been reassigned away from the school and students pending the outcome of the case.”

Parents never know what to expect to hear from their kids these days when they come home from school.

That is why many are opting for private or homeschool education for their children.

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