Officials in Florida just made one change to driver’s licenses that sent the woke Left into a fit of rage

Feb 2, 2024

Governor Ron DeSantis spent the past two years taking a sledgehammer to the Left’s woke ideology in Florida.

But the battle is far from over.

And officials in Florida just made one change to driver’s licenses that sent the woke Left into a fit of rage.

From professional sports to corporate boardrooms to the halls of academia, the Left’s woke agenda has invaded virtually every aspect of American society.

For years, most Republicans were afraid to speak out or fight back against the woke ideology due to a fear of being smeared as racist, sexist, or anti-gay.

But Florida Governor Ron DeSantis showed Republicans how to fight back and win against the woke Left.

DeSantis started by removing Marxist-based Critical Race Theory from the curriculum by signing the Stop WOKE Act into law.

He then turned his attention to fighting the Left’s gender identity politics.

DeSantis signed a bill into law that prohibits biological males from participating in women’s sports and also banned teaching sexually inappropriate material to young children in schools.

And he made it illegal to perform sex-change operations or give hormones and puberty blockers to children.

But even though DeSantis has racked up several victories against the woke Left, the battle is far from over for the Governor.

“Florida will no longer allow transgender people to change the sex on their state driver’s license to reflect their gender identity, a policy change that muddles whether trans people who have already updated their documents could face fraud charges for ‘misrepresenting’ their identities,” NBC reported. “Robert Kynoch, deputy executive director of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, wrote in a memo to the department’s executive director on Friday that the department would rescind a provision on ‘gender requirements’ in the Driver License Operations Manual that allowed Floridians to change the gender marker on their licenses.”

According to Kynoch, the word “gender” in the requirements “does not refer to a person’s internal sense of his or her gender role or identification, but has historically and commonly been understood as a synonym for ‘sex,’ which is determined by innate and immutable biological and genetic characteristics.”  

“A driver license is an identification document and, as such, serves a critical role in assisting public and private entities in correctly establishing the identity of a person presenting the license,” Kynoch wrote. “Permitting an individual to alter his or her license to reflect an internal sense of gender role or identity, which is neither immutable nor objectively verifiable, undermines the purpose of an identification record and can frustrate the state’s ability to enforce its laws.”

Under the new rule, licenses can only be replaced if they are lost or stolen, or if a person changes their name, address, or restrictions.

Of course, Democrats are in a frenzy over the new rule.

Democrat State Representative Anna Eskamani called it “another gross example of how every state agency has been” weaponized by Republicans to “attack trans people.” 

“Instead of addressing the property insurance crisis, this is what our state is doing. Shameful,” Eskamani added. 

Ron DeSantis vowed to make Florida be “where woke goes to die.”

And he continues to prove how serious he is about following through on that promise.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.


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