Billionaire Jeff Bezos and everyday Americans are all moving to Florida for the same reason 

Feb 22, 2024

Liberal politicians have ruined their states, but it is worse than anyone imagined.

Things are so bad in some places; people are fleeing in droves. 

And now billionaire Jeff Bezos and everyday Americans are all moving to Florida for the same reason

Taxed enough already

Politicians in leftist states love to buy votes with other people’s money.

But while they are offering “free programs” to people, taxpayers are exasperated footing the bill and are sick and tired of being taxed to death.

And to escape the tyranny, Americans are fleeing liberal playgrounds like California and Washington and choosing states like Florida as their next home.

Even Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos left the liberal hellhole of Washington state to move to Florida.

And once you read why you might make the same decision. 

Bezos saved $288 million moving to Florida

Morning Brew reports Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had been selling off company stock since the late 1990s.

But after Washington state’s whopping 7 percent capital gains tax went into effect, he stopped.

Bezos picked up and moved to Florida and saved around $288 million in taxes after selling about $4 billion worth of Amazon shares.

Imagine, $288 million in taxes!

Liberals think their plan to punish successful business owners is a winning strategy, but both Democrats and Republicans alike are choosing to flee Leftist states and make conservative freedom-loving states, like Florida, their new home.

After all, Florida actually lets people keep more of their hard-earned cash, and this basic principle is what makes Florida so popular. 

Americans continue to flee to Florida

And it is not just the wealthy that are making Florida their new home.

Florida has seen massive population growth, especially from Californians. 

Data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey reported roughly 50,700 Californians became Florida residents from 2021 to 2022.  That is 22,100 more than the 28,600 Florida residents who moved to California, reported the San Francisco Chronicle

With California’s high taxes and out-of-control crime rate, it is no wonder people are leaving.

And as DeSantis pointed out during the debate against California Governor Gavin Newsom, even Newsom’s own father-in-law could not stand to live under a Newsom regime and opted to move to Florida.

How embarrassing. 

The benefits of living in Florida under Governor DeSantis are endless. 

Florida has no state income tax, low crime, and a fierce leader like DeSantis, who is committed to protect them against the radical Left.

And while LGBT activists and woke Leftists continue to head to liberal utopias like California, business owners like Bezos, and other hard-working Americans, continue to flock to Florida and now call the Sunshine State, home.

Democrats should take a page from DeSantis’ playbook and learn freedom is always popular. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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