Casey DeSantis just made a huge announcement about the Florida hurricane victims Joe Biden’s FEMA refused to help

Feb 6, 2023

Hurricanes Ian and Nicole wreaked havoc on Florida last fall.

Joe Biden’s FEMA denied assistance to many victims out of spite for Ron DeSantis.

But Casey DeSantis just made a huge announcement about the Florida hurricane victims Joe Biden’s FEMA refused to help.

Hurricane Ian made landfall last October on Florida’s southwest coast as a Category Four storm and left a path of destruction across the state, with billions of dollars in damaged property and dozens of lives lost.

On November 9, Hurricane Nicole made landfall in Florida and crossed the same region devastated six weeks earlier by Hurricane Ian.

Since Hurricane Ian hit a few weeks before the Midterm elections, Joe Biden pretended to put his differences aside with Ron DeSantis and swiftly approve any disaster relief requests to FEMA.

However, once the elections were over, that all changed, as DeSantis soon announced that FEMA had denied a state funding request for assistance.

Instead of allowing Biden to get in the way of recovery, DeSantis, along with his wife, Casey, created a private Florida Disaster Fund to raise money for the victims.

The Florida Disaster Fund has been wildly successful, raising more than $64 million to help hurricane victims with recovery efforts.

And on Friday, Casey DeSantis held a press conference where she made a major announcement about providing even more assistance to those rejected by Joe Biden’s politicized FEMA.

Standing in the warehouse, Casey DeSantis announced $427,000 will be given to Adventist Community Services, who provided this warehouse for distributing goods for those in need.

“The national media, they came, and they covered, and they left,” Casey DeSantis began. “We’ve always said from the very beginning that we will not forget you,” she continued, before adding that “you’re going to be with us every step of the way until you are back on your feet and are made whole.”

Casey DeSantis said that Adventist Community Services had applied for assistance from FEMA, but had been rejected by Biden’s cronies at the bureaucracy. 

“And if government is meddled up in bureaucracy, especially on the federal side, then we can swoop in with the Florida Disaster Fund and help expedite people that way they get what they need quicker,” DeSantis said.

“Adventist Community Services applied to FEMA, and they were denied from FEMA,” DeSantis continued. “But we said, ‘That’s ok, that’s alright,’ […] We’re excited to give them a check for $427,000.”

The Fund previously gave ACS $74,000 to help, but they needed more funding to continue providing services to those in need of assistance.

Joe Biden allowed his dislike of Ron DeSantis to get in the way of disaster relief efforts for innocent Americans.

But Ron and Casey DeSantis are stepping up and making sure that the hurricane victims get the help and assistance they need and deserve.

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