CNN was forced to admit something about Ron DeSantis that will drive Democrats crazy

Apr 12, 2022

CNN is one of the corporate-controlled media outlets leading the smear campaign against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But even CNN is waving the white flag of defeat.

And now CNN was forced to admit something about Ron DeSantis that will drive Democrats crazy.

Many political pundits view Ron DeSantis’ 2022 re-election campaign as a springboard for a 2024 Presidential bid.

DeSantis’ presidential ambitions are the cause of the media smear campaigns against DeSantis over keeping schools open, rejecting vaccine mandates and standing up to Disney going woke to sexualize young Florida school children.

But even CNN admitted the media’s smear campaign failed and that DeSantis built a political juggernaut.

As DeSantis Daily recently reported, Ron DeSantis’ re-election campaign announced DeSantis was the first Governor in history to raise more than $100 million dollars for his campaign.

That eye-popping number is not just intended to show his Democrat rivals that DeSantis is ready to steamroll them in 2022.

Many interpreted DeSantis fundraising prowess as a signal to the rest of the potential 2024 GOP field that DeSantis is the man to beat if Donald Trump chooses not to seek a second term two years from now.

One of the pundits bowing to reality is CNN’s Chris Cillizza.

Cillizza wrote:

The message is this: I’m the big dog on this block.

The simple fact is that, aside from Trump, there are very few other Republican politicians who can come close to the number that DeSantis just put on the board.

While fundraising isn’t a guarantor of success in a presidential race — see Jeb Bush — it does tend to signal that a candidate has deep and broad support. Plus, it costs a whole lot of money to build organizations in early voting states and nationally.

It is true that fundraising is not always indicative of success.

Jeb Bush raked in ungodly sums of money in 2016 and performed the most expensive belly flop in American Presidential campaign history.

But Bush never had the grassroots support that DeSantis does.

Polls consistently show that Ron DeSantis leads the 2024 GOP Presidential field if Donald Trump is not in the race.

Jeb Bush was out of step with the GOP base due to his support for open borders.

Ron DeSantis – on the other hand – is viewed as the GOP leader in pushing back on COVID mandates and the Left’s attempt to weaponize woke corporations into bullying red states into rolling over for the Democrat Party’s increasingly bizarre and creepy cultural agenda.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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