Comedian Bill Maher was speechless after a Florida refugee called out Gavin Newsom

Feb 15, 2024

California’s failed policies sent millions of residents fleeing for a better life.

Florida has become the top destination nationally for Americans searching for freedom.

And comedian Bill Maher was speechless after a Florida refugee called out Gavin Newsom.

Reality television star and fitness trainer Jillian Michaels appeared on comedian Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast where she discussed leaving her native California to relocate to Florida.

The former star of NBC’s The Biggest Loser cited California Governor Gavin Newsom’s failed leadership as a reason she moved to the Sunshine State.

Maher mentioned that he had been trying to recruit Newsom to run for President which set Michaels off.

“Are you serious? Are we living in Gavin Newsom’s California? Why?” Michaels asked. “I left because of him, moved to Miami. Lived [in California] my whole life.”

Maher mentioned that he had his own issues with living in California and briefly contemplated Florida himself.

“Are you happier in Florida?” Maher asked.

“Yeah,” Michaels replied. “It feels less crazy than it does here.”

“Florida is less crazy?” Maher said while laughing. “Really? The place where the people are on bath salts?”

Michaels reached her breaking point with California and Newsom during the pandemic.

A burglar broke into her home that she said had been let out of jail by Newsom during the pandemic to keep jails from being overcrowded to protect criminals from getting the virus.

“It was the guy’s third offense, he broke into our house, he had duct tape and a video camera,” Michaels said. “Anyway, long story, third strike, guy goes to jail, gets let out during COVID. Give me a f****g break.”

She explained that rising crime and California’s homeless crisis were affecting the quality of life in the state.

Newsom instituted some of the strictest lockdowns in the country while simultaneously not following the tyrannical rules he imposed on everyone else.

He was famously photographed partying with lobbyists without a mask at French Laundry in Napa Valley – an exclusive restaurant that can cost up to $500 per person – in November 2020.

10 days after that dinner, Newsom called for most nonessential businesses, restaurants, bars, and churches to close or have severely limited capacity to deal with a Thanksgiving surge of the virus.

Michaels slammed Newsom for his outrageous hypocrisy during the incident. 

“He didn’t follow his own rules,” Michaels said. “If you’re going to be a leader, you lead by example.”

Jillian Michales joins a long list of residents of California who were fed up and escaped to red states.

Florida became the fastest-growing state in the country by standing up for freedom and common sense while blue states imploded from their failed policies.

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