DeSantis flew illegal aliens to a posh liberal vacation getaway. But the media is drawing shocking historical comparisons to this act

Sep 23, 2022

Governor Ron DeSantis has become the Left’s new favorite target.

It seems no matter what he does they attack with the vilest of accusations.

DeSantis flew illegal aliens to a posh liberal vacation getaway. But the media is drawing shocking historical comparisons to this act.

Democrats and their leftist partners in crime in the corporate-controlled media hate any conservative or Republican who has principles.

That’s why they despise Florida Governor Ron DeSantis so much.

And their hatred of him has become absurdly ridiculous.

Take their reaction to DeSantis flying a mere 50 illegal aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

All of a sudden the leftist pro-illegal immigrant socialites weren’t so welcoming.

They called out the National Guard and declared a state of emergency because of 50 illegal immigrants arriving on their doorstep, a mere taste of what small towns along the border deal with on a daily basis.

In fact, even moderate GOP Senator Marco Rubio pointed out that on any given day at least 100 illegals arrive by boat in just one small town in Florida.

That didn’t stop the wealthy socialist socialites from attacking DeSantis.

Rather than welcoming them with open arms, setting up cots in the community center, and providing them with food and clothing, Martha’s Vineyard residents compared them to “trash” and shipped them off the island to a National Guard Air Force Base on the mainland within 48-hours of their arrival.

Democrat politicians accused DeSantis of kidnapping and human trafficking.

And of course, the Fake News Media weighed in as well with some absolutely ridiculous historical comparisons.

British publication Guardian UK went so far as to cite experts claiming it was “mini-ethnic cleansing.”

Politico Magazine compared DeSantis’ actions to the reverse Freedom Rides segregationists tried organizing to Massachusetts in the ’60s – of course this time Martha’s Vineyard residents didn’t welcome the illegals with open arms as Ted Kennedy welcomed the southern blacks.

Ken Burns claimed it was literally like the Holocaust.

Yes, according to the Left, feeding, clothing, and providing showers for homeless illegal aliens before putting them on a flight to a place that claims to be a sanctuary city is like the holocaust.

The facts, of course, are totally different.

The illegal aliens DeSantis sent to Martha’s Vineyard were homeless and given “multiple opportunities” to voluntarily take the trip or stay behind according to senior officials in the DeSantis administration.

The officials said the illegal aliens were sent on two planes to the Massachusetts island were “wandering the border” homeless in Texas before being intercepted by Florida to be given “a better life” in a sanctuary state.

“So the groups in Texas that we’ve identified, the majority if not all of the individuals that originated in Texas and ended up on the flight to Martha’s Vineyard were indeed homeless, hungry, sleeping outside in parking lots,” the officials said. “Many have been in a shelter at some point previously and had been kicked out, did not have a place to go, and essentially we’re wandering homeless along the border.”

The DeSantis administration officials said the illegal aliens were informed of their destination and that they were given “multiple” opportunities to decline the trip.

Officials added they were even offered hotels, meals, showers, and haircuts for a couple of days before the trip and that some indeed declined to go.

This is a far cry from the claims of DeSantis carrying out a new Holocaust.

But to the radical Left, facts don’t matter.

Especially when it comes to Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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