Disney’s CEO turned red with rage after he was hit with this shocking lawsuit

Mar 15, 2024

The Disneyland theme park is promoted as the “happiest place on earth.”

That claim came into question after employees blew the whistle. 

And Disney’s CEO turned red with rage after he was hit with this shocking lawsuit.

Disney spent decades building its once-sterling reputation in the entertainment industry.

After going woke, the company watched everything going wrong with its empire.

Workers file shocking lawsuit against Disneyland

Over 100 hotel maintenance workers at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim, California, tasked with keeping the luxury resorts and hotels up and running, filed a bombshell lawsuit against the company.

Their lawsuit alleges that Disney is paying them below the fast-food minimum wage in California and that they are forced to work second jobs just to make ends meet.

“A ton of us have or had second jobs just to survive,” lead plaintiff Charlie Torres told Fox Business. “I was working 48-plus hours a week in the mornings at Disney and delivering pizzas five nights a week for Pizza Hut.”

Even with overtime from Disney, these workers were still scraping to get by.

The workers filed a class action lawsuit in Orange County Superior Court seeking more than $1 million in back pay from Disney.

Workers were required to buy their own equipment and tools for the job.

“Under California Wage Orders, employees required to bring their own tools must be paid double the minimum wage,” the lawsuit stated. 

The company is also accused of not giving workers their paychecks after they have been fired and not providing them with their required meal breaks.

Disney accused of being Uncle Scrooge

Attorneys representing Torres and the other workers accused Disney of behaving like Uncle Scrooge toward its employees.

“Mr. Torres and so many others are told to cover the expense of tools used on behalf of Disney who flouts the law and refuses to pay its workers what they are due. Disney is a massive company. They know the law. But just like their character Uncle Scrooge, they choose to be cheap,” the law firm West Coast Trial Lawyers said in a statement to the New York Post.

Disney prides itself on being woke and supporting a far-Left political agenda but that evidently does not extend to its workers.

Nothing is going right for Disney with its business these days.

Now it must deal with the black eye of a potentially embarrassing court case for allegedly mistreating its workers at the “happiest place on earth.”

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