Donald Trump is fuming over the statement a Super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis released after his town hall with CNN

May 12, 2023

Donald Trump has been attacking Ron DeSantis since before the Midterm elections.

But the tables just turned on Trump.

And Donald Trump is fuming over the statement a Super PAC supporting Ron DeSantis released after his town hall with CNN.

Now that the Florida legislative session is over, Ron DeSantis is expected to enter the Presidential race in the near future.

Republicans are expecting a nasty showdown between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination.

Donald Trump is not waiting around to start throwing punches at DeSantis.

Trump began attacking him before the Midterm elections by calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

But Trump started ratcheting up his attacks in recent weeks to go beyond just name calling.

On the other hand, Ron DeSantis has refused to engage with Trump in a back-and-forth.

The few times he has responded he simply points to his record as Governor and the scoreboard on election night in November, where he was reelected by a landslide and turned the state solid Red.

However, a Super PAC supporting DeSantis is now firing shots back at Donald Trump.

Never Back Down was started by former top Trump official Ken Cuccinelli.

After Trump’s town hall with CNN, officials from Never Back Down released statements blasting the former President for “an hour of nonsense.”

“On the same day Ron DeSantis was assailing Joe Biden’s border crisis, Donald Trump was on CNN attacking DeSantis and lying about finishing the border wall,” Communications Director for Never Back Down Erin Perrine said in a statement. “The CNN town hall was, as expected, over an hour of nonsense that proved Trump is stuck in the past,” she continued, before adding, “after 76 years, Trump still doesn’t know where he stands on important conservative issues like supporting life and the 2nd Amendment.”

“How does that Make America Great Again?” she asked.

But Perrine was not the only Never Back Down official to release a statement blasting Donald Trump.

Never Back Down CEO Chris Jankowski joined Perrine by releasing his own statement about Trump’s town hall with CNN.

“The Trump town hall on CNN is a true marriage of equals: A candidate who has lost his luster appearing on a network that’s lost its ratings,” he wrote. “Both ignore a key fact: 2024 isn’t 2016,” he continued, before adding that “the old gimmicks and tired lines don’t work anymore.”

Jankowski admitted he expects CNN to behave in this manner, but added that “it’s stunning to see Donald Trump transform into a made-for-CNN candidate, desperately seeking a national town hall, the most elite of elite forums.”

He labeled Trump a hypocrite for appearing on CNN after spending the past six years mocking and smearing the network.

“After all, in 2016, it was Donald Trump who electroshocked the Republican Party out of its elitism,” he wrote.

Never Back Down previously released an ad hitting Trump for using Democrat talking points against DeSantis.

The war between Trump and DeSantis is already underway.

But if and when DeSantis finally enters the race, Republicans expect all hell to break loose in the Primary.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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