Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis is a shining example of how to turn life’s lemons into fresh lemonade

Dec 30, 2021

The New Year is just around the corner.

Skyrocketing inflation, civil unrest, and draconian COVID rules and mandates made life difficult for many Americans in 2021.

But Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis is a shining example of how to turn life’s lemons into fresh lemonade.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife, Casey, have been married for eleven years and together they have three children, Madison, Mason, and Mamie.

Casey DeSantis is an Emmy Award-winning TV host.

But back in early October, Ron DeSantis announced that doctors had diagnosed Casey with breast cancer, and that she would immediately begin treatment for the disease.

However, like her husband, Casey DeSantis is also a fighter.

And instead of allowing the diagnosis to bring her down, Casey DeSantis instead chose to turn life’s lemons into fresh lemonade.

Helping children and improving mental health have been the top priorities of Florida’s First Lady Casey DeSantis over the past two years.

And Casey DeSantis is using her position as First Lady to push for more funding for cancer research and for mental health treatment in Florida.

First Lady DeSantis is asking lawmakers to set aside $100 million for cancer research and care in the coming fiscal year, which is $37 million more than the state currently has budgeted for it.

As for mental health, DeSantis pointed to more than $280 million in spending during the current fiscal year, including a $20 million increase to the Mental Health Assistance Allocation to support school mental health programs.

“Floridians have shown tremendous resiliency over the past two years and I am humbled to help Florida’s families, children and environment to prosper,” DeSantis said. “I am proud of the work we have done over the past year and I look forward to our state doing even more in 2022 to help Floridians respond to and triumph over life’s challenges.”

At a time when the news is dominated by negative stories, Casey DeSantis turning life’s lemons into lemonade should put a smile on most faces.

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