LGBT activists are steaming mad at the latest proposed change to Florida’s driver’s license requirements

Feb 27, 2024

The LGBT crowd are used to exploiting loopholes in the name of “equality.”

In their warped world, they can “identify” with whatever gender they choose, regardless of their biological sex.

And now, LGBT activists are steaming mad at the latest proposed change to Florida’s driver’s license.

Biological sex is gender

While it is obvious a person is either born male or female, woke liberals have taken over the narrative claiming that gender is different from biological sex.

Leftists believe gender is fluid and that a person can choose whatever gender they want, as often as they want.

Biological males are going around claiming their gender is “female,” even though they are a male.

But conservatives in Florida are fed up with LGBT activists playing and twisting the system, so they are working to put an end to it once and for all.

New Florida driver’s license requirements

In Florida, a House committee advanced a new bill that will clarify the original purpose of Florida’s driver’s license requirements.

If the legislation passes, Floridians will have to identify by their actual biological sex, rather than their self-professed “gender.”

Florida Representative Doug Bankson, (R-Apopka) said “HB 1639 Is the compassion and clarity bill. It changes ‘gender’ to ‘sex’ to clarify original purpose in state statute regarding driver licenses, and ID cards as well as adds a definition of ‘sex’ to chapter 322 related to driver licenses and ID cards to current law governing health care practitioners,” Florida’s Voice reported.

As if LGBT activists were not furious enough, the bill would also require health care insurers to provide detransition treatment for individuals who previously “changed genders”. 

Leftists went crazy

Democrats were furious about the bill and and the mere thought of people actually having their true biological sex listed on their driver’s license.

Florida Representative Angie Nixon, (D-Jacksonville), voted against the bill, stating it was a “horribly non-compassionate bill,” Florida’s Voice reported

Nixon’s argument is typical of her Party.

Democrats insist conservatives and the rest of the world need to bow down to their bizarre view of “gender,” or else they lack “compassion.”

Leftists are quick to demand children be allowed to mutilate their own bodies, while protecting doctors that do it.

And if it were not for Governor DeSantis stepping in with steep consequences for those who mess with children, LGBT activists would have gotten their way.

It is no wonder LGBT activists and woke Leftists are fleeing Florida in droves because they feel “discriminated” against.

They cannot stand that Governor DeSantis has put a bullet in their insane agenda to make Floridians bow to their every whim. 

But they better get used to it because DeSantis is not going away anytime soon. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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