One county in Florida is thanking Ron DeSantis for standing up for freedom in the most unique way possible

May 27, 2022

Despite facing a constant barrage of attacks from Democrats and the corporate-controlled media, Ron DeSantis stood strong and turned Florida into an oasis of freedom during the pandemic.

Time has proven DeSantis made the right decisions.

And one county in Florida is thanking Ron DeSantis for standing up for freedom in the most unique way possible.

Government officials in Manatee County are preparing to start construction on a 17-acre park near Sarasota that will have a walking trail, pickleball courts, and a recreation area for dogs.

Construction on the park, which officials hope to open in early 2023, is set to begin this summer.

After Manatee County Commissioners asked local residents to submit suggestions for the park’s name, 350 people turned in their ideas for naming the park.

“If you look at the survey that was done, there is definitely a name that had more votes than any other name,” Commissioner Vanessa Baugh said.

That one name was none other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who received more than 100 entries, making him “the most popular option among participants.”

“I will tell you that the people have spoken,” Baugh continued. “It is time for us to move forward and name this park. They want to see it named after our Governor. It’s not even close.”

On Tuesday, the County Commission voted 6-1 for naming it “Ron DeSantis Park.”

Commissioner James Satcher called it “a tribute to the Governor’s firm stance against COVID lockdowns and mask rules.”

Mike Rahn, who serves on the county’s Planning Commission, called it “a great opportunity” for DeSantis, adding that “I’m sure our Governor will love having a park named after him because he’s a family man.”

Rahn turned out to be correct.

On Wednesday, DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw said the Governor thanked local residents for the distinction.

“The Governor appreciates the kind recognition of the Manatee County Commission and the people of Manatee County for his work on behalf of Floridians,” Pushaw wrote in an email to the Bradenton Herald. “We look forward to being back in Manatee soon.”

Even though the Democrats and national press made Ron DeSantis out to be a monster during the pandemic, Floridians are clearly appreciative of his willingness to stand and fight for their freedoms.

DeSantis is facing re-election to a second term as Governor this fall.

After narrowly defeating his Democrat opponent in 2018, DeSantis is largely popular with voters in Florida for his leadership during the pandemic and on the important issues such as fighting the Left’s woke ideology.

A recent Morning Consult poll found 56 percent of Floridians approve of the job DeSantis is doing as Governor.

And with the current Real Clear Politics polling average showing DeSantis leading both of his potential Democrat opponents by substantial margins, he is expected to cruise to an easy victory in November.

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