One startling fact about Florida gave Ron DeSantis a big win over the anti-gun lobby

Mar 15, 2024

The anti-gun lobby is allergic to facts about the failures of gun control.

They predicted that the Sunshine State would become the next Chicago.

And one startling fact about Florida gave Ron DeSantis a big win over the anti-gun lobby.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came into office with a tall task ahead to restore and expand gun rights in the state after the previous administration passed a slew of gun control measures after the Parkland shooting.

He has worked to chip away at the gun control passed after Parkland, with many of the RINOs who voted for it still in the Florida Legislature.

DeSantis signs permitless carry, anti-gun predicts doom

In 2023, DeSantis signed into law a permitless carry bill that eliminated the requirement to have a government-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Florida gun owners should not need a government permission slip or jump through bureaucratic hoops to exercise their constitutional rights.

Permitless carry, or Constitutional Carry when it includes open carry, is the crown jewel of pro-gun legislation at the state level.

The anti-gun lobby predicted that violence would skyrocket if law-abiding gun owners did not have to get a concealed carry permit.

Everytown President John Feinblatt said, “If Governor DeSantis and Republican legislators truly cared about public safety and protecting law enforcement, they’d be championing laws to keep guns out of dangerous hands — but instead, they’re choosing to flood Florida’s streets with concealed guns.”

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts warned that the law was dangerous, and that violence would skyrocket in Florida.

Everytown volunteer Gay Valimont said the crime would increase in Florida after DeSantis signed permitless carry.

She claimed without evidence that “putting more guns in more places with no questions asked will only lead to more senseless and preventable tragedies here in Florida.”

The anti-gun lobby always predicts doom and gloom whenever a state passes a permitless carry law.

Of course, armed criminals never followed the law to begin with.

Crime drops in Florida after gun rights expanded

The crime statistics in major metropolitan areas in Florida revealed that crime decreased after permitless carry went into effect.

The Tampa Police Department’s annual report revealed that violent crime in the city was down 8 percent last year and that violent crimes involving a gun plummeted by nearly 20%.

Orlando and Miami also saw a decrease in violent crime in 2023.

In Orlando, murders declined by 8% last year, and non-fatal shootings were down by 36%.

Murders in Jacksonville dropped by 6%.

City officials in Miami said 2023 was the safest year the city has ever had.

Murders fell from 49 in 2022 to 31 last year, while non-fatal shootings plunged by 34%.

The anti-gun lobby owes Ron DeSantis an apology after predicting that permitless carry would cause a surge in crime.

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