Ron DeSantis busted out laughing when he heard the three words MSNBC’s Joy Reid used to smear his battle against the woke Left

Feb 24, 2023

Ron DeSantis is taking a sledgehammer to the woke Left’s control over education in the Sunshine State.

The left-wing media is in a frenzy over it.

But Ron DeSantis busted out laughing when he heard the three words MSNBC’s Joy Reid used to smear his battle against the woke Left.

Ron DeSantis’ meteoric rise to stardom has turned him into one of the media’s most-hated – and feared – enemies.

After DeSantis refused to go along with Biden’s lockdowns and mandates, leftists in the media smeared him as “anti-science” and claimed his pro-freedom policies would kill tens of thousands of Floridians.

Of course, that never happened.

But instead of admitting they were wrong, the media moved on to the next issue and continued attacking the Governor.

And right now the focus of the media’s attack centers around DeSantis’ efforts to remove the Left’s woke ideology from Florida’s classrooms.

DeSantis previously signed a bill prohibiting the teaching of Critical Race Theory and signed a bill preventing teachers from grooming children with age-inappropriate sexual material.

The Democrats and left-wing media are in a tizzy over the fact that DeSantis is enforcing the law by removing inappropriate books from libraries and rejecting courses with woke lesson plans.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid is one of the most left-wing hosts on TV.

Over the past year, Reid has attacked DeSantis on a near-daily basis on her program.

Reid is so unhinged over DeSantis’ war on the woke Left that she spent an entire segment on MSNBC attacking him for it.

“What’s been a problem for Florida is now a problem for America,” Reid wrote in an excerpt of the episode. “It isn’t just about the cruise ship companies or Disney, or even your woke gas stove. DeSantis is determined to stamp out intellectual freedom, and it’s causing other red states to scrutinize AP Black studies. He’s also threatening to withdraw state support for Advanced Placement courses altogether.”

Reid then claimed she discovered the real reason DeSantis is fighting against the woke Left.

“You know it, we know it,” Reid said. “This whole war against ‘wokeness’ is really a war against freedom.”

Many find it ironic that Joy Reid is accusing Ron DeSantis of waging a “war against freedom.”

Ron DeSantis is fighting for real freedom against the tyranny of leftists like Joy Reid.

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