Ron DeSantis had a huge smile on his face when he said these two words about his wife

Mar 7, 2022

Last October, Ron DeSantis announced that his wife, Casey, had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Casey spent the past few months undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

And Ron DeSantis had a huge smile on his face when he said these two words about his wife.

In January, Ron DeSantis announced that his wife had just completed her final round of chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Even though at the time DeSantis said Casey was “not out of the woods yet,” he predicted that his wife would be able to announce that she is “cancer-free” in 2022.

And on Thursday, Ron DeSantis’ prediction came true when he posted a video to Twitter where he announced that Casey was now “cancer free.”

“After going through both treatment and surgery for breast cancer, she is now considered cancer-free,” DeSantis said in the video.

“All of you who have given thoughts and prayers to my family and my wife, thank you for doing that,” DeSantis continued, adding that “it’s lifted her spirits and made a tremendous difference.”

Governor DeSantis also encouraged other women who are battling breast cancer to continue fighting because they could overcome it.

“For all the women out there who are going through breast cancer right now -– you can overcome this. I know it’s very difficult, but my wife is proof positive, and this is the exact type of news we had hoped for,” DeSantis said. “She still has more to do, but I’m confident she’s going to make a full recovery. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.”

Casey DeSantis echoed her husband’s sentiments by sharing the video on her Twitter page and encouraging other women who have cancer not to give up and to keep fighting.

“There are no words to express how truly blessed, grateful and humbled I am to hear the words cancer free,” Casey DeSantis wrote, adding that “to those who are in the fight, know there is hope. Have faith and stay strong.”

Of course, DeSantis continued to play an active role in her husband’s administration throughout her battle with breast cancer, securing millions of dollars in additional funding for research in this year’s state budget.

And now that she is officially “cancer free,” there’s no doubt that Casey DeSantis will work even harder on behalf of others who are fighting to overcome the deadly disease.

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