Ron DeSantis had one trick up his sleeve that every Democrat is going to hate

Jul 22, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to attack Democrats on their perceived strengths.

Now DeSantis is turning them into the Democrats’ weaknesses.

And Ron DeSantis had one trick up his sleeve that every Democrat is going to hate.

Governor DeSantis continues to reshape education in the state of Florida.

The COVID pandemic and school closures showed parents around the country that left-wing activists infiltrated America’s school systems and poisoned the minds of young students with garbage like Critical Race Theory and transgenderism.

DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which stopped teachers from grooming students in grades K-3 into transgenderism.

Now DeSantis announced a new $6.5 million grant that serves as part of DeSantis’ mission to teach Florida students civics, which also includes a proper foundation in American values.

“The Civics Academies will allow students to start preparing in 9th grade for meaningful careers while learning about the importance of public trust, government efficiency, and the values of our state and nation. This announcement is part of Governor DeSantis’ larger Civic Literacy Excellence Initiative to develop civics curriculum and support the implementation of Florida’s revised civics and government standards in K-12 public schools,” a press release from the Governor’s office read.

Governor DeSantis described the civics academies as essential for teaching the values that formed the nation and would help to shape the next generation of leaders in Florida.

“It was great to award $6.5 million to create civics academies through three of our nation-leading state colleges,” Governor DeSantis declared. “This first-of-its-kind program will teach our future leaders foundational American values as they prepare for careers in public service.”

By teaching proper civics and American values, Governor DeSantis will ensure that the next generation of public servants in Florida aren’t brainwashed by left-wing catechisms.

“A strong civics education is a necessity for those entering civil service,” Education Commissioner Manny Diaz, Jr stated. “By providing a pathway for students to pursue careers in the public sector, Florida is ensuring a smarter, more efficient state and local government for years to come.”

One issue Republican elected officials always face is that career civil servants and bureaucrats lean Left.

That creates a silent opposition from within the state to any conservative agenda.

Governor DeSantis teaching proper civics and American values could short circuit this sabotage.

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