Ron DeSantis just picked up a surprising endorsement that shows why he terrifies Democrats

Jan 27, 2023

Ron DeSantis is wildly popular with Republican voters nationwide.

But the Florida Governor’s popularity extends beyond the Republican Party.

And Ron DeSantis just picked up a surprising endorsement that shows why he terrifies Democrats.

Republicans underperformed all across the country during last November’s Midterm elections, as the predicted red wave never materialized and the GOP failed to gain the Senate and only won a narrow majority in the House.

However, Florida was one of the only bright spots for the Republican Party in November.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis trounced Democrat Charlie Crist with a 19-point landslide re-election victory.

DeSantis won 62 of the state’s 67 counties and racked up the biggest win for a Florida Governor in the past 40 years.

Even more impressive was DeSantis winning the heavily-Hispanic Miami-Dade County by 11 points, becoming the first Republican Governor to win there since Jeb Bush in 2002.

Exit polls showed DeSantis made massive gains with Hispanic voters, winning more than 50% of the demographic.

DeSantis’ strong performance with Hispanic voters already had Democrats terrified of his growing popularity.

But now DeSantis is cutting into another key voting demographic of the Democrats that will have Party officials on edge over the thought of him running for President.

Black voters have traditionally been the bedrock of the Democrat Party.

But DeSantis’ pro-freedom agenda is crossing racial and gender boundaries and uniting Americans under the cause of individual liberty.

Azealia Banks, a black female rapper mostly famous for her hit song 212, recently moved from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida.

During an interview with The Guardian, Banks admitted that she picked Miami because of Ron DeSantis’ pro-freedom policies.

Banks told The Guardian that people in Miami “mind their f**kin’ business.”

She praised DeSantis, saying that “he’s focused on the basic s**t” instead of kowtowing to the woke Left’s demands. 

“There are elderly people in our country without walkers, who don’t have the money to get a septic tooth pulled,” she said. “If we’re talking about divvying up health care funds, those situations should take precedence over facial feminization surgeries and stuff like that.”

“I think DeSantis is practical about a lot of things,” she added.

She also pointed out the difference in Republican-led Florida versus Democrat-led California.

Banks said she feels “way safe” in Miami compared to crime-ridden Los Angeles.

“Every which way I turn (in Los Angeles) there’s a Black Lives Matter sign, and then we’re watching swathes of Latino people die every day because they’re considered essential workers,” she said.

“There are no Latino Lives Matter signs,” she continued, before adding “that’s not to negate any of the very real issues that black people in America face, but in a rich state like California, in a neighborhood like Silver Lake — here’s Jenny with her f***in’ like” — she adopts a Valley girl accent — ‘biodynamic wine bar and her vegan cafe.’”

“I can’t do this — either COVID was gonna kill me, or depression,” Banks ranted about leftist virtue signaling. “I’m going to f***ing Miami.”

Banks is not alone in leaving California for DeSantis’ pro-freedom Florida.

Californians are fleeing in droves and relocating to the “Oasis of Freedom” in Florida.

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