Ron DeSantis just put the lid on rumors of his feud with Trump with these two words

Feb 9, 2022

Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are the two most popular Republicans in America.

The corporate-controlled media claims the two are feuding with each other.

But Ron DeSantis just put the lid on rumors of his feud with Trump with these two words.

The corporate-controlled media has been hyping up an alleged feud between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump for the past few months.

Even though both Trump and DeSantis have publicly said that the rumors were all lies, it hasn’t stopped the corporate-controlled media from trying to drive a wedge between the two.

But Ron DeSantis has had enough of the rumors.

And during an exclusive interview with Fox News Channel, DeSantis put the lid on the rumors and set the record straight.

“Donald Trump’s a friend of mine,” DeSantis began. “He is proud when people do well, and it’s not just me, but obviously he’s a Florida resident, and he appreciates the job that we’ve done,” DeSantis continued, adding that “he’s told me that many times, not only with helping with the election, but just how we govern the state.”

DeSantis then specifically addressed the corporate-controlled media’s claim that he and Donald Trump were feuding with one another.

“He wants to see Republicans doing well,” DeSantis said about Trump. “And I think when the media is trying to act like he’s upset at me for doing well, I think that’s total bunk. I think they’re just making it up.”

After he pointed out that rumors of a feud between him and Trump were “total bunk,” DeSantis then ripped the corporate-controlled media for spreading lies about Trump to help Joe Biden get elected.

“They did all they could to get Biden elected. OK. They lied about Trump for four years. They did everything they could to get Biden elected, the guy who campaigned from his basement,” DeSantis said, adding that Joe Biden has had “the worst first year of any President since the 1800s.”

“People compare him to Jimmy Carter. Carter was much more successful in his first year than Biden has been,” DeSantis added.

In conclusion, DeSantis urged Republicans not to believe any of the lies the corporate-controlled media is spreading.

“They know the Democrats are in for a shellacking in 2022,” DeSantis said about the media. “So they’re trying to change the topic, and they’re trying to drive dissension among Republicans. And so my message to people is, don’t take that bait. Understand what they’re trying to do. We need to be united and say we don’t like what the Biden administration’s doing. We offer a better course in Florida. I think other Republican states are offering a better vision in their states as well. And let’s go into ‘22 with a full head of steam with everybody united on the same team.”

DeSantis is correct.

Republicans are expected to make massive gains at both the federal and state level in November.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are tanking, as Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump both grow even more popular with voters nationwide.

Democrats are panicking.

And their allies in the corporate-controlled media hoped to start a feud between Trump and DeSantis in an effort to minimize the damage Democrats are expected to take at the polls in November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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