Ron DeSantis just took the gloves off on Joe Biden for allowing politics to dictate this one outrageous new COVID policy

Jan 26, 2022

Joe Biden is infuriated with Governor Ron DeSantis for refusing to impose lockdowns or enforce mask and vaccine mandates in Florida.

He will do anything to try to damage Ron DeSantis politically.

And Ron DeSantis just took the gloves off on Joe Biden for allowing politics to dictate this one outrageous new COVID policy.

Ron DeSantis stood up to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID tyranny throughout the pandemic.

DeSantis refused to impose economy-crushing lockdowns and banned mask and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.

But DeSantis did more than just try to protect Floridians from Biden and Fauci’s COVID tyranny.

DeSantis also promoted life-saving monoclonal antibodies as an early effective treatment for COVID.

But Joe Biden and the Democrats are determined to take down Ron DeSantis.

And on Monday, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) revoked the emergency use authorization for monoclonal antibody therapies created by Regeneron and Eli Lilly.

As a result of the FDA’s decision on Monday, more than 2,000 Florida residents saw their appointments to receive the treatment on Tuesday canceled.

Ron DeSantis was furious that Biden would put Floridians’ lives at risk.

And in a statement Monday evening, DeSantis ripped the decision, saying that the “abrupt and unilateral action by the Biden Administration will prevent access to lifesaving treatments for Floridians and Americans.”

“Without a shred of clinical data to support this action, Biden has forced trained medical professionals to choose between treating their patients or breaking the law,” Governor Ron DeSantis declared.

“This indefensible edict takes treatment out of the hands of medical professionals and will cost some Americans their lives. There are real-world implications to Biden’s medical authoritarianism – Americans’ access to treatments is now subject to the whims of a failing President,” he added.

DeSantis then blasted the Biden administration for claiming that monoclonal antibodies aren’t effective against the Omicron variant.

“The problem when you say that it’s not effective against Omicron is we don’t think it’s been proven that, we think there’s indications that it’s not as effective as it was against delta, we’ve also had other people that have had gone and had their symptoms resolved,” DeSantis said.

During a White House press briefing on Tuesday, a reporter asked Jen Psaki to respond to Ron DeSantis’ criticism of the Biden administration’s decision to revoke the emergency use of monoclonal antibodies.

“Let’s just take a step back here just to realize how crazy this is . . . We know what works, vaccines and boosters,” Psaki shot back.

Of course, the vaccines are proven to be ineffective against stopping the spread and transmission of COVID.

But when it comes to the Biden administration, facts don’t matter.

Apparently, Biden’s only solution to ending the pandemic is getting three shots in the arm of every eligible American.

But the American people have had enough.

And Joe Biden’s COVID tyranny could lead to a bloodbath at the polls for Democrats this November.

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