The “Disney takeover” is complete and woke liberals are going mad

Feb 27, 2024

The days of Disney employees enjoying special perks are over.

DeSantis was determined to hold Disney accountable and he delivered on his promise. 

And now that the Disney takeover is complete, woke liberals are going mad.

Disney’s days of preferential treatment are over

Like most woke liberals, Disney thinks somehow, they are entitled to a special set of rules different from the rest of Floridians.

And while Disney may have had a long run with special privileges and a custom tax status, those days are over.

Ron DeSantis pledged to rip the wokeness out of Florida and he has delivered on his campaign pledge.

Disney employees and board members previously enjoyed lavish spending and gifts, including millions of dollars of annual passes for entry to Disney theme parks all around the world.

Their “special district” gave the company privilege to do whatever they wanted, even creating their own fire and police departments.

And of course, they enjoyed using taxpayer dollars for their own purposes.

DeSantis calls the takeover a success

But under DeSantis’ leadership, Disney was stripped of their special tax status they enjoyed under the former Reedy Creek Improvement District.

And when the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) gained control of the district and did an audit of Reedy Creek, the results were shocking.

“I worked with the Florida Legislature to bring accountability to a corporate-run government that sacrificed the people’s interests to the interests of a single corporation,” DeSantis said in a press release. 

“The District’s recent audit report justified our shared concerns: Disney was acting as a law unto itself. Since our reforms, the new district has taken bold action to increase transparency, community engagement, and fiscal responsibility, and has saved taxpayers $18.4 million,” DeSantis continued.

“That is a win, not just for people in this region, but the state of Florida,” DeSantis said on WPTV.

While Disney execs are furious at DeSantis gaining control, Florida taxpayers could not be happier.

The days of Disney running rogue have finally ended. 

The new sheriff in town

DeSantis has made it clear, as Governor of Florida, he will not be intimidated or bullied by woke Disney execs.

Last year, DeSantis announced his victory and told Tucker Carlson, “For the first time since 1967, Disney no longer has its own government, they’re gonna have to abide by the same laws as everybody else, they’re gonna finally pay their fair share of taxes, and pay all the debts they’ve racked up over these decades.”

And now that DeSantis has delivered and cleaned up Disney’s mess, he has proved yet again that he gets things done. 

Woke leftists may talk a good game, but with Governor DeSantis in charge, they have finally met their match.

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