The latest left-wing media lie about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis will have you seeing red

Jun 27, 2022

The Left is terrified of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.

They’ll say or do just about anything to damage them politically.

But the latest left-wing media lie about Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis will have you seeing red.

As the two most popular Republicans in America, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the top two contenders for the GOP nomination in 2024.

Polls consistently show that if Donald Trump decides not to run again in 2024, Ron DeSantis would be the clear frontrunner.

No other Republican even comes close to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in terms of national popularity among the GOP base.

This also makes Trump and DeSantis the two Republicans who Democrats and the corporate-controlled media hate – and fear – the most.

After their attacks and smears against them didn’t work, the media then started falsely claiming that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis were at war with each other over 2024.

Both Trump and DeSantis have repeatedly denied the allegations, saying that they remain friends and political allies.

And Ron DeSantis also says his only concern is serving the people of Florida and getting elected to a second term this fall.

But that hasn’t stopped the corporate-controlled media from pushing the false story that Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are feuding with one another.

The latest attempt to drive a wedge between Trump and DeSantis came when POLITICO reported that an “anonymous source” told them that DeSantis is hoping Pelosi’s witch hunt results in criminal charges against Trump to stop him from running in 2024.

“That’s where his head is at. He thinks the goal here is to get the main justice to go after him,” a Republican consultant described as familiar with DeSantis’ thinking told POLITICO. “That’s what Ron thinks this is all about.”

“I think the January 6 hearings are continuation of the exhausting circus that surrounds Trump,” the alleged source added.

“It’s a sh*tshow,” the person continued. “Some donors are getting sick of the sh*tshow.”

Of course, the reporter refused to name a source for their claim that DeSantis supports Pelosi’s witch hunt against Trump.

They claim the “source” asked to be off the record so they could speak freely about DeSantis.

In the same article, the reporter also used other anonymous sources to back up their outrageous claim.

“Ron DeSantis is lying in wait, sharpening his knives,” one “Republican donor” told POLITICO.

Even though this is not the corporate-controlled media’s first attempt to drive a wedge between Trump and DeSantis, this is the most outrageous accusation they’ve made so far.

But as Trump and DeSantis grow more popular with GOP voters, the corporate-controlled media will only grow more desperate with their attempts to take them both down.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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