Walt Disney just released one statement that put a big smile on Ron DeSantis’ face

Feb 14, 2023

Walt Disney Corporation picked a fight with Ron DeSantis over his opposition to the Left’s woke agenda.

DeSantis stood his ground and refused to budge.

And Walt Disney just released one statement that put a big smile on Ron DeSantis’ face.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is leading the fight against the Left’s woke ideology.

DeSantis signed the Stop WOKE Act into law, which prohibits teaching Critical Race Theory in Florida’s curriculum, and he also signed a bill prohibiting biological males from participating in women’s sports.

But it was the Parental Rights in Education Bill that sent the Left into a frenzy on the national stage, as the media, Democrats, and corporations all joined forces to try and stop DeSantis from signing the bill into law.

Even though the bill simply prohibits teaching gender and sex to children in kindergarten through third grade, the Left dubbed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and attacked DeSantis as “anti-gay” and accused him of waging war on the LGBT community.

Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek waded into the fight by speaking out against the legislation and also donating $5 million to LGBT groups.

Despite pressure from what he called “woke Disney,” DeSantis refused to budge and signed the bill into law.

DeSantis also made Disney pay a price by revoking the company’s special tax and governing privileges in Florida.

And on Friday, the Florida legislature passed a bill officially revoking Disney’s special status and creating a special tax district to oversee the 25,000 acres of land surrounding the Walt Disney World resort.

The bill also ended Disney’s ability to build airports, nuclear facilities, toll roads, award noncompetitive construction contracts, and more.

Dubbed the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, the new entity will be operated by a five-member board appointed by DeSantis and confirmed by the State Senate.

Disney was expected to file legal challenges to DeSantis revoking their special tax privileges.

However, Disney surrendered with seven words in a statement put out by Walt Disney World President Jeff Vahle that said the company is “ready to work with this new framework.”

“We appreciate all that the District has done to help our destination grow and become one of the largest economic contributors and employers in the state,” Vahle said in a statement. “We will continue to innovate, inspire and bring joy to the millions of guests who come to Florida to visit Walt Disney World each year.”

Big corporations have been using their power to push the Left’s woke agenda on the American people for the past several years.

Republicans were afraid to fight back out of fear of being smeared by the media as a bigot.

But DeSantis created a playbook the Right can now use to fight back and defeat the woke Left.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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