What MSNBC’s Joy Reid just said about Ron DeSantis will leave your jaw on the ground

Apr 22, 2022

Ron DeSantis is a rising star in the Republican Party.

The corporate-controlled media is terrified of the popular Florida Governor.

But what MSNBC’s Joy Reid just said about Ron DeSantis will leave your jaw on the ground.

The Biden administration and members of the Fake News Media have used Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a political punching bag for the past two years.

It all started during the pandemic when Ron DeSantis refused to bow down to Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s COVID rules and restrictions.

DeSantis kept schools and businesses open while also banning masks and vaccine mandates in the Sunshine State.

Aside from his pro-freedom policies, DeSantis also promoted the use of monoclonal antibodies as an effective early treatment against COVID.

This led to the Biden administration and left-wing members of the press viciously attacking and smearing Ron DeSantis, even nicknaming him “DeathSantis” after he banned masks and vaccine mandates.

But the latest round of attacks against Ron DeSantis from the Fake News Media and the Biden administration was over the Parental Rights in Education Bill he recently signed into law.

Even though the legislation simply prohibits teaching the homosexual and transgender agenda to children in kindergarten through third grade, the Left misnamed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and then proceeded to attack the Governor for supporting it.

MSNBC is the most left-wing cable channel on TV.

Host Joy Reid, who often launches insane attacks against conservatives during her show hardly anyone watches, is the most radical leftist on the network.

And during a recent episode where she attacked Ron DeSantis over the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, Reid lived up to her reputation of deranged attacks against her political enemies.

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is determined to make the happiest place on Earth [Disney World] a living hell,” Reid said, before adding that “baby MAGA is mad Disney opposes his ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.”

Reid then used typical left-wing talking points to spread more lies about the legislation by claiming it is somehow “anti-gay” and “anti-trans.”

“The Trumpy Republican Governor who signed anti-gay and anti-trans legislation designed to censor and punish legislators and erase the existence of people’s lives,” Reid ranted.

During her long tirade against DeSantis, Reid showed how out-of-touch with reality members of the left-wing press really are.

“DeSantis is going after this company who dared to contradict him because a, he’s an authoritarian on the fascist spectrum, and b, he thinks it will make him President.”

After that, Reid, who is clearly off the rails, had the audacity to accuse Ron DeSantis of living “in a fantasy land” and of being “one very dumb Governor.”

Of course, polls show the majority of Americans, including Democrats, support passing a law similar to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill in their own states.

Reid attacking DeSantis over prohibiting brainwashing young children with the homosexual and transgender agenda shows how far off the reservation the Left has become.

And it shows why Democrats are expected to take a shellacking at the ballot box in November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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