Charlie Crist told one big lie about Ron DeSantis that even the left-wing fact checkers called him out on

Sep 7, 2022

Democrat Charlie Crist is ratcheting up his attacks and smears against Ron DeSantis.

Crist even insulted DeSantis’ supporters by accusing them of having “hate” in their hearts.

But Charlie Crist told one big lie about Ron DeSantis that even the left-wing fact checkers called him out on.

During a speech last Thursday at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Joe Biden labeled the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump as the greatest threat currently facing our Republic.

Biden said “MAGA Republicans” are enemies of the state who “do not respect the Constitution” and are working to end democracy in America.

Most Americans were horrified to hear the President of the United States label his own citizens as a dangerous threat, especially following the FBI’s raid on his top political opponent’s private home.

But not Democrat Charlie Crist.

Charlie Crist told a group of his supporters that he was “so damn proud” of Joe Biden for calling out MAGA Republicans during his speech.

Of course, Crist cheering on Biden’s nasty words is not all that surprising given his history of insulting supporters of his political opponents.

Charlie Crist began attacking DeSantis’ supporters the moment he won the Democrat Primary.

“Those who support DeSantis should stay with him and vote for him and I don’t want your vote,” Crist said. “If you have that hate in your heart, keep it there,” he added.

But Charlie Crist told one big lie about Ron DeSantis that even left-wing Politifact labeled false.

DeSantis raised “taxes on the middle class by more than $1.5 billion while giving away $624 million to big corporations,” Crist wrote on social media.

“We wondered whether Crist’s portrayal of DeSantis’ tax policy was accurate,” Politifact reported.

Politifact found that DeSantis signed a bill to revise Florida’s online sales tax in 2021 — but the tax isn’t new and didn’t target the middle class,” Politifact continued. “Although corporations received a $624 million refund during DeSantis’ tenure, there’s more context to know than Crist provided.”

Legislative experts told Politifact that the bill Charlie Crist was referencing “didn’t create a new tax but shifted the responsibility to remit sales tax from consumers to the remote seller.”

Charlie Crist tried to score cheap political points by making up lies about Ron DeSantis raising taxes on middle class Floridians.

But he got called out for it.

“We found no evidence to support Crist’s claim that the law targeted the middle class,” Politifact wrote, before concluding that “we rate it Mostly False.”

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