Christina Pushaw just called out the Left’s latest faux cries of Spring Break “racism”

Mar 5, 2024

With Spring Break around the corner, DeSantis and other Florida leaders pledged to crack down on lawlessness.

But apparently that makes them racist.

And now Christina Pushaw just called out the Left’s latest faux cries of Spring Break “racism.”

Everything is racist

Many woke liberals walk around thinking everything is racist, except for their own inherently racist “diversity, equity, and inclusion” policies.

And now a Miami Herald op-ed is claiming that closing down parking garages during Spring Break to control the chaos of beach crowds is somehow racist.

Fabiola Santiago penned the op-ed with loaded comments, writing how attempting to control beach crowds somehow “evokes” a racial history of targeting blacks.

“In its all-out effort to shed spring break crowds that are largely Black and Latino, the city of Miami Beach, under new leadership, has gone too far this year. No matter how hip the “breaking up with spring break” campaign tries to be, the optics of cracking down on everyone to punish the unlawful acts of troublemakers are awful,” said Santiago.

“White city leaders and police forget that by closing public garages in South Beach, allegedly as a tactic to stem violence, will have the result of shutting out people of color, so evoking the ugly racial history of acts to discourage Blacks from using Florida beaches,” Santiago continued.

Here we go.

But Pushaw was not letting Santiago off the hook that easy.

White people use parking garages too

Pushaw shared the op-ed on X and wrote, “Don’t tell Miami Herald, but the parking garages are going to be closed to white people too.”


Does Santiago think white people do not participate in Spring Break?

And that the college kids who flood the beaches are just black?


But this is the “logic” of the Left.

In another post, Pushaw added, “TL;DR Miami Herald thinks it’s racist to charge high fees for tourists to park on city properties. @MiamiHerald you & your editorial board must give up all your parking lots & driveways to tourists for free, throughout March, or else you are a racist by your own standards. Oh wait… you are not even located in Miami Beach.”


Florida is not California

Leftist states like California may welcome chaos and violence with their lack of control, but Florida is a different beast.

DeSantis has pledged to crack down on lawlessness, and his policies work.

There is a reason why people are moving to Florida in droves: besides the low taxes, they feel Florida is a safe place to raise their families.

So as liberals at the Miami Herald continue to whine and call everything racist, hopefully this year Floridians will enjoy a safer Spring Break with the new policies in place. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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