Disney’s CEO is going to live to regret this shocking video leaking

Feb 16, 2024

Everything is going wrong for Disney these days.

The company just added another big problem to the growing pile. 

And Disney’s CEO is going to live to regret this leaked video.

Disney embracing a divisive, left-wing political agenda has been a financial disaster for the company.

Support for the LBGTQ is a major fact in the House of Mouse’s hard Left turn.

A leaked video of Disney CEO Bob Iger after January 6 has revealed another motivation for the company’s foray into politics.

Anti-woke activist and author Christopher Rufo uncovered a video of the then-Disney chairman, Iger, addressing the company.

He said that Disney was “taking a stand” after January 6, and then proceeded to pat himself on the back for helping put out the Marvel comic book movie, Black Panther, which he called an “example of diversity and inclusion.”

“We’ve tended to shy away from politics, and in doing so, I think we’ve shied away from talking about issues that aren’t political at all…because we believe in doing so, maybe it looks like we’re taking a stand,” Iger said. “Well, in that reality, we should be taking a stand…I think that we have to be less cautious, as Bob [Chapek] was just alluding to about such things, and not be concerned.”

Then-Disney CEO Bob Chapek led Disney into combat against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and The Parental Rights in Education bill.

Chapek was fired after losing that skirmish and was replaced by Iger as CEO.

“Just commenting about what happened in Washington last week [January 6], that’s not political…We know that what we saw was fundamentally wrong and that it was rooted in hatred…and intolerance. We should feel free as a company to comment about that without retribution,” Iger added.

Iger gushed over the fact that Disney made a movie that had black characters to signal his wokeness.

“Another thing I want to say that I’ve learned these last nine to twelve months — I’m very proud of the work we’ve done in terms of diversity and inclusion on screen. When we did Coco…of course, Black Panther is one of the great examples of that, I allowed those things to make me feel a bit complacent, in a sense. It’s not that I wanted to be that way, but…it caused me to not focus as much as I should have on the culture of the company and the environment and in the voices that were telling those stories as opposed to just how they were being portrayed on the screen,” Iger ranted.

Curiously absent from the video was anything about entertaining audiences, which was what made Disney.

Disney lost focus on its main job, producing family-friendly entertainment, to wade into the culture wars.

Disney’s stock was trading around $180 a share when that video was produced.

After following Iger’s advice to dive headfirst into left-wing politics, shares of Disney stock plunged to as low as $80 a share, and are currently hovering around the $110 range. 

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