Florida is going to give students one history lesson that sent Democrats into a fit of rage

Mar 6, 2024

Florida has become the national leader in K-12 education under Governor Ron DeSantis.

He has put education ahead of woke indoctrination that has been infesting schools.

Now Florida is going to give students one history lesson that sent Democrats into a fit of rage.

Communism is the most vicious and destructive ideology in human history.

Students in government schools are not learning about the horrors of communism because of a Marxist curriculum that downplays it or, in some cases, promotes this poisonous ideology.

Florida has become the number one ranked state in the country for education because schools stick to facts, not indoctrination.

The Sunshine State is trying to add a component to history education to instruct students about the true history of communism.

Florida bill requires real history of communism to be taught

Republican State Senator Jay Collins is the sponsor of a bill moving its way through the Florida Legislature to require that the history of communism be taught.

The bill would require government schools to provide “age-appropriate” instruction on the history of communism beginning in the 2026-2027 school year.

Collins said that growing support of communism among young people should be alarming during a committee hearing for the bill.

“27-30 percent of our children right now believe that communism is something that they’d like to try in this nation,” Collins said. “If that doesn’t bother you, I’m concerned.”

Florida has a large Cuban population that fled the island because of its communist government, beginning under the late dictator Fidel Castro.

“We’ve seen what happens,” Collins continued. “The reality of communism is that it always turns out the same: it is a stain on human existence. It has led to hundreds of millions of deaths across the world and it will not go any differently here.”

Democrats are angry that the real history of communism is being taught

Democrat State Rep. Patricia Williams called the bill “hurtful” and claimed that it would divide students.

“We have several kids [who] can’t read on grade level and we want to put something in the classroom to divide them,” Williams said. “Hatred.”

Williams never clarified how teaching about communism was divisive.

Republican State Rep. Danny Alvarez said he was “baffled” at how anyone could be opposed to the bill.

He charged that the opposition had their “heads in the sand about the horrors of communism.”

“Here we are, 100 million humans murdered under the system of communism, and we have the gall to stand up and say that it’s going to divide us,” Alvarez said.

Florida has a chance to build on its record of providing students with factual education, not indoctrination. 

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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