Florida is trying to stop the menace of drugged-out bears with this mind-blowing solution

Feb 8, 2024

Florida is home to many bizarre happenings over the years.

The Sunshine State is facing its strangest threat yet.

Now Florida is trying to stop the menace of drugged-out bears with this mind-blowing solution.

Drug use has grown by leaps and bounds under President Joe Biden after he threw the southern border wide open.

The proliferation in drugs during the Biden era is now spreading to bears according to one Florida lawmaker.

A Florida State Representative introduced a bill to make it legal to kill a bear that is high on crack cocaine.

State Rep. Jason Shoaf’s bill would remove the penalties for killing black bears without permission.

He claimed this would protect Floridians from bears that have been sent into a frenzy by drugs, causing them to break into homes and tear “them apart.”

“We’re talking about the ones that are on crack, and they break your door down, and they’re standing in your living room growling and tearing your house apart,” Shoaf told lawmakers during a debate over the bill in the House Infrastructure Strategies Committee.

“When you run into one of these crack bears, you should be able to shoot it, period,” Shoaf continued. “And you shouldn’t have to pause or be afraid you’re gonna get arrested or harassed or pay fines. That’s just crazy.”

Currently, in Florida, it is illegal to kill a bear without a hunting permit unless it is to protect human life.

The Sunshine State has a small population of black bears that almost exclusively reside in the northern and central parts of the state.

Shoaf has been pushing to make it legal to kill a bear if it presents a threat to their property.

Florida has been dealing with nuisance bears that have a fondness for fast food.

A video doorbell camera caught a black bear in Seminole County stealing $45 worth of Taco Bell left by a food delivery service.

Other bears have been caught stealing Halloween candy and fast food items left on front porches and picnic benches. 

Shoaf said that his bill would only target “nuisance bears” that pose a risk to humans and pets.

Opponents of the bill say it would open the door for indiscriminate killing of bears in Florida.

Shoaf dismissed those concerns calling them “fearmongering.”

“We love bears. Bears are cute and cuddly and an amazing creature,” Shoaf said. “This is about a nuisance bear that has become conditioned to coming into people’s homes. You have heard it time and again that bears are shy and scared and they are timid. They stay away. That’s true. Those aren’t the bears we’re talking about in this bill.”

The crack bear joins cocaine sharks as the latest drugged-up animal to pose a threat to Florida.

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