Joe Biden is making a surprise trip to Florida to try and remove Ron DeSantis from office

Oct 19, 2022

The Biden administration has been at war with Ron DeSantis for the past two years.

The November elections provide Joe Biden with an opportunity to stop one of his potential 2024 opponents.

And now Joe Biden is making a surprise trip to Florida to try and remove Ron DeSantis from office.

The Biden administration has attacked Ron DeSantis more over the past two years than any other Republican elected official in the country.

But after Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc on Florida, killing dozens and causing billions of dollars in property damage, Joe Biden put his differences with DeSantis aside during the recovery phase.

Joe Biden even traveled to Florida with his wife Jill to meet with Governor DeSantis and get a look at the damage caused by the storm.

While in Florida, Biden praised DeSantis during a press conference, telling reporters that “what the Governor’s done is pretty remarkable.”

“We have very different political philosophies . . . but we worked hand in glove,” Biden said. “I think he’s done a good job.”

But Joe Biden’s cooperation with DeSantis was short-lived.

As the most popular Republican elected official in the country, Ron DeSantis is considered a top contender for the Republican nomination.

Outside of Donald Trump, no other Republican comes close to having the amount of support as DeSantis does from the GOP base nationwide.

Joe Biden has already proven he’s willing to do anything to take out his potential political opponents.

He weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI to go after Donald Trump.

And on November 1, just one week before the November elections, Joe Biden is headed back to Florida for another visit.

But this time Biden is traveling to the Sunshine State to help boost Democrat Charlie Crist’s campaign for Governor against Ron DeSantis.

Joe Biden was scheduled to campaign for Crist in September, but the event was postponed due to Hurricane Ian.

But according to the latest polls, Joe Biden’s trip to Florida appears to be a bit too late.

The most recent poll found DeSantis leading Charlie Crist by a solid ten points with just three weeks left until Election Day.

The RealClearPolitics polling average gives DeSantis a 7 point lead over Crist.

And when it comes to fundraising, the last report showed Crist with $2.9 million in the bank compared to DeSantis’ $102 million.

But next to Donald Trump, Joe Biden considers Ron DeSantis his most dangerous threat to power in 2024.

And Joe Biden is headed to Florida a week before the election to try to help Charlie Crist gain ground on DeSantis before the election.

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