Ron DeSantis gave the media a reality check for pushing this sick anti-cop hoax

Apr 19, 2024

The media is trying to ride to the rescue for Democrats in an election year.

Now they are concocting another false narrative to benefit their political allies.

And Ron DeSantis gave the media a reality check for pushing this sick anti-cop hoax.

Media trying to create the next George Floyd

Democrats are on their heels going into the 2024 Election, with key parts of the party’s base, like black and young voters, wavering.

The death of George Floyd in 2020 was used to generate outrage among Democrat voters with the hopes of mobilizing them for the election in the fall.

And the media thought it found its next George Floyd in Chicago.

Dexter Reed, a black Chicago resident, was shot 96 times during a traffic stop by Chicago Police.

The media tried to portray this as another instance of police brutality, but the claim was too far-fetched to get any traction with the public.

Reed opened fire on the police first, hitting an officer, and had been arrested twice in the past year.

Democrats and their media allies look to manufacture outrage with police brutality hoaxes in election years like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014 and the 2016 Black Lives Matter violence.

Ron DeSantis slams media for pushing bogus narrative

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis teed off on the media for pushing a political agenda with their coverage of the Dexter Reed case.

“You see these headlines, and they’re trying to cause division in society, they’re trying to create a narrative, they know what they’re doing,” DeSantis said. “Sometimes you’ve got to read eight paragraphs down, and then when you do that, they have to admit that this guy was shooting at the police officers first.”

DeSantis defended the conduct of the police in the incident.

“So – how are you in a situation where it’s at all controversial to have a criminal suspect shooting and hitting one of the police officers, firing shots, they’re not supposed to be able to respond in kind? They not only have a right to respond in kind, they have a duty to respond in kind when somebody is using lethal force against them,” DeSantis explained.

The Florida Governor pointed out that major national media outlets tried to paint the police as villains.

“Whether you did the right thing is not what some of these folks in the media care about,” DeSantis remarked. “They’re perfectly willing to use a faithful law enforcement officer who’s done it by the book to throw that person under the bus if they think it can further the narrative. The facts don’t matter to these folks.”

The media is trying to gin up the public with lies and distortions ahead of a crucial election.

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