Ron DeSantis’ jaw hit the floor when San Francisco suffered this shocking setback

Feb 14, 2024

San Francisco is locked into a downward spiral after decades of Democrat mismanagement.

The city is facing a crisis that spells disaster for its residents. 

And Ron DeSantis’ jaw hit the floor when San Francisco suffered this shocking setback.

San Francisco, California is facing a critical shortage of police officers in the crime-ridden city.

Police recruitment has fallen off a cliff after the city defunded the police and Democrat officials made a hobby out of trashing law enforcement.

San Francisco Democrat Mayor London Breed was one of the first politicians in the country to call for defunding the police after the death of George Floyd in 2020.

She slashed $120 million from the city’s police budget while the city was in the middle of a crime wave.

Since defunding the police, the city is down almost 600 police officers and is short 25% of the officers needed to realistically handle the city’s police work.

The shortage has gotten the attention of San Francisco’s far-left daily newspaper.

The San Francisco Chronicle editorial board blasted the city’s leadership as incompetent for failing to recruit more police officers.

“San Francisco needs more police officers. Full stop,” the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board wrote.

The city’s Board of Supervisors is pushing a ballot initiative to increase taxes to fund minimum staffing levels for the police department. 

“Nothing is meaningfully standing in the way of increasing our police force except our public officials’ efforts and competence. We need an action plan to improve hiring, not vague ideas to throw more money at the problem,” the board stated.

The shortage is causing San Francisco to spend tens of millions of dollars on overtime pay for police.

“We don’t need a ballot measure or special tax to streamline the hiring process, which is woefully broken. It can take close to a year to hire a new officer because of unnecessary red tape,” the editorial board claimed.

San Francisco’s pain with staffing police officers has been Florida’s gain under Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis launched the Law Enforcement Recruitment Bonus Program to attract police officers and other law enforcement officers from cities and states that do not back the blue, and also recruit Floridians to join the force.

Nearly 1,000 officers from 49 states have answered the call and relocated to Florida as part of the program.

Florida has utilized a $5,000 recruitment bonus and other benefits to recruit police officers and avoid staffing issues similar to those faced by San Francisco.

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