The media was outraged at Ron DeSantis over Spring Break for this mind-blowing reason

Mar 18, 2024

The media is constantly trying to find ways to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

They are often grasping at straws.

And the media was outraged at Ron DeSantis over Spring Break for this mind-blowing reason.

Spring break in Miami Beach, Florida had gotten completely out of control in recent years.

The annual event brought shootings, violence, and unruly crowds that descended on the South Florida city.

Miami Beach police arrested nearly 500 people and two deadly shootings occurred during spring break in 2023.

Florida cracks down on criminal behavior during spring break

The city of Miami Beach instituted a variety of measures to ensure that spring breakers did not flock to the city this year.

A curfew was put in place, beach access was restricted, DUI checkpoints were set up, parking fees were increased, and a heavy police presence, among other measures taken to discourage spring breakers from coming.

Residents were fed up with the raucous crowds that took over the city during spring break.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis dispatched 45 state troopers to Miami Beach to help with spring break week.

Things were much calmer in Miami Beach during spring break this year, and that led the media to find something new to complain about.

NBC worried about the lack of mayhem during spring break

NBC’s TODAY Show sent a reporter to Miami Beach to cover the city’s “new look” spring break.

“The crackdown on spring breakers in Miami Beach has helped reduce unruly crowds and fatal shootings — but it is also having an impact on local businesses,” the TODAY Show social media account wrote.

NBC reporter Sam Brock was live on the ground in the city, where he said that it was “peaceful” but worried that the lack of foot traffic from spring break crowds would hurt local restaurants and businesses.

Of course, NBC seemed far less concerned about the success of Florida small businesses when they relentlessly attacked DeSantis for keeping the state open during the pandemic.

The network was grasping at straws trying to find some way to attack Florida and DeSantis.

NBC is implying that less crime and a peaceful spring break is a bad thing.

DeSantis Communication Director Bryan Griffin mocked the TODAY Show report.

“The impact is that businesses don’t face looting, rioting, storefront damage, out-of-control drunken mobs, strings of dine-and-dash incidents, etc.,” Griffin wrote on social media. “Even the people who this reporter tries to lead into criticizing the safety measures express relief.”

“Oh come on… Chaos & violence is bad for business,” DeSantis official Christina Pushaw said.

The media continue to embarrass themselves trying to attack Florida and Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.

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