This H&R Block employee went straight to the police when a mother tried to sell her baby for $500 cash

Mar 21, 2024

H&R Block is one of the biggest tax preparation companies in the United States.

Tax season is the busiest time of year for companies like H&R Block.

But this H&R Block employee went straight to the police when a mother tried to sell her baby for $500 cash.

Tens of millions of visitors

It has been a busy week for law enforcement officials in Florida.

Spring begins the first wave of the millions of people who will visit the Sunshine State’s beaches this year for vacation.

With so many different people from all over the world visiting the state, Florida law enforcement officials have seen all types of strange and outright weird behavior.

In Pompano Beach, South Florida, police recently arrested a 79-year-old woman for one of the most heinous crimes a human can commit.

Elgathe Celestin, 79, was arrested after a neighbor saw her in the backyard burning a live cat to death.

“There was a cat inside of a trap and she was burning the cat alive,” the neighbor who called the authorities told reporters. “I noticed the cat was moving, I thought it was dead,” he continued. “Then, she stoked the fire and the cat started moving around again.”

Unfortunately, the veterinarian was unable to save the cat and it had to be euthanized later that day.

“I was walking down the street, and I was right over here near those houses, and I heard a loud cry,” one passer-by who heard the cat screaming told reporters. “It sounded like what I thought was a baby — an infant crying — come to find out — I think it was cats.”

But police in Palatka, Florida, recently arrested a woman for another unthinkable crime.

Mother offers baby for $500 cash

Employees at H&R Block were familiar with 33-year-old Jessica Woods.

Woods frequented the area and even used the store’s restroom on a few occasions to change her daughter.

But one employee was shocked when Woods approached her on her way into the building for work.

Woods refused assistance and only wanted money from the lady.

However, she later came back and placed her child on the ground outside the building where it started crawling toward the street.

The shocked employee bolted outside and scooped up the child before it crawled into traffic, but Woods did not want her daughter back.

Instead, she offered to sell the baby to the employee for $500 cash.

That is when the employee took the toddler inside, cleaned it up, and then called the police on Woods.

“Woods told the citizen she did not need anything but offered to sell the child to the citizen for $500,” the Palatka Police Department said in a press release. “When the citizen refused to purchase the child, Woods walked away, leaving her daughter behind.”

Woods was arrested on March 7 and charged with child abuse, child neglect, and abandonment of a child.

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