A Fox News contributor just pointed out one disgusting truth about the left-wing media

Sep 29, 2022

Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday on Florida’s west coast as a Category Four hurricane.

With winds up to 155mph, Hurricane Ian caused catastrophic damage across most of the state.

And a Fox News contributor just pointed out one disgusting truth about the left-wing media.

Hurricane Ian destruction in Florida is currently dominating the national news.

Democrats even postponed Thursday’s January 6 Committee public hearing because they know the public and the media will be focused on Florida.

On Wednesday, National Weather Service Director Ken Graham called Hurricane Ian a “historic event” that will be talked about “for many years to come.”

“I wish this wasn’t a forecast I had to deliver,” Graham said. “I wish this wasn’t a forecast that’s about to come true,” he continued, before adding that “this is a devastating storm for parts of Florida, not just on the southwest coast, but also inland associated with some of these impacts.”

“This is going to be a storm we talk about for many years to come,” Graham added.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis worked furiously to make sure the Sunshine State was prepared and ready to respond.

“Hurricane Ian is making landfall now,” DeSantis tweeted out Wednesday afternoon. “Florida is ready to respond,” he continued, adding that “we have fleets of highwater vehicles, 42,000 linemen, 7,000 National Guardsmen and 179 aircraft prepared to help.”

Even Joe Biden put his hatred of DeSantis on hold during Hurricane Ian, as the two spoke on the phone about disaster relief efforts.

But not the left-wing media elites.

On Tuesday, POLITICO falsely claimed that DeSantis had never faced the tough challenge of a hurricane hitting his state.

But this is a lie.

In September of 2020, over a year-and-a-half after DeSantis took office, Hurricane Sally hit the Florida panhandle and caused major damage, especially in Pensacola City.

Christina Pushaw, the rapid response director for the Ron DeSantis reelection campaign, ripped POLITICO reporter Matt Dixon for spreading lies.

“The premise of Matt Dixon’s story is false, in addition to being distasteful,” Pushaw tweeted. “Northwest Florida was hit by Hurricane Sally in 2020 . . . Also, Governor DeSantis has not only held briefings at the SEOC. He had a briefing in Pinellas yesterday, and in Sarasota today.”

During an appearance Wednesday on Fox & Friends, Fox News contributor Joe Concha revealed a disgusting truth about the left-wing media and Hurricane Ian.

Concha said leftist reporters were “licking their chops” over the thought of Hurricane Ian causing massive destruction across Florida because they can use it to attack DeSantis.

“I mean, as you guys have been reporting all morning, this will be a catastrophic hurricane,” Concha said. “People will lose everything in some situations, including perhaps their lives. This is a serious time for serious journalism. But you know that there are some folks in this industry that are licking their chops, just waiting to turn this particular hurricane into Ron Desantis’s Katrina, as if he could have done something to better prepare the state or done X-Y-Z, then he could have saved lives or saved businesses or saved homes.”

Concha added that the Democrats view DeSantis as a threat to “winning the Presidency and will take any shot, even the cheap shots, even the shots that don’t exist, like hurricanes that actually hit states when they say it didn’t just to try to take him down.”

Unfortunately, Concha is correct.

Left-wing media elites care more about inflicting damage on Ron DeSantis than they do the damage inflicted by the storm on the people of Florida.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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