A pro-DeSantis Super PAC is set to put boots on the ground in these key states

May 12, 2023

Ron DeSantis’ Presidential announcement could come any day now.

The Florida legislature has adjourned after delivering numerous victories for America’s Governor.

And now a pro-DeSantis Super PAC is set to put boots on the ground in these key states.

It’s clear that Donald Trump considers Ron DeSantis his biggest rival for the GOP Presidential nomination.

While the former President has relentlessly attacked the Florida Governor, DeSantis has kept his cool.

But Never Back Down Super PAC has already come out swinging.

The PAC recently launched an ad that savaged the former President for his lackluster record on gun rights, including banning firearm accessories and supporting red flag laws.

Now Never Back Down is putting boots on the ground in key states.

The PAC announced plans to put dozens of staffers in the first 18 states to cast ballots in the Presidential Primary.

“Ground game,” which involves door knocking, phone banking, recruiting volunteers, and hosting events is a key part of every successful political campaign.

While these tasks are usually handled by a candidate’s own committee, having help from outside groups can provide a major boost.

Super PACs like Never Back Down have the advantage of being able to accept unlimited individual contributions, while candidate committees are limited to $3,300 per donor.

As such, Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate their efforts with the candidate they are supporting.

According to Never Back Down, they already raised more than $30 million dollars shortly after the PAC launched a few months ago.

And the PAC is already running ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, the first four states to cast ballots ahead of Super Tuesday.

Never Back Down is being advised by Republican strategist Jeff Roe, who helped Ted Cruz win the Iowa Caucus in 2016.

They’ve also hired Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

Even before Ron DeSantis has officially announced his run, Never Back Down is showing that they are serious about lending his campaign some serious political muscle.

There is no doubt that staffers on the Trump campaign are growing increasingly nervous about the impact the PAC will have on the race.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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