A top Democrat used one word to attack Ron DeSantis that instantly blew up in his face

Jul 18, 2022

Democrats refuse to learn the lesson that it’s foolish to pick a fight with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

It never works out well for the Left.

And this top Democrat used one word to attack Ron DeSantis that instantly blew up in his face.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is making no secret of the fact that he is running for President in 2024.

Newsom barely pretends that Joe Biden will seek re-election.

And Newsom decided that the way to build his standing in the Democrat Party is to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The fight Newsom picked was over Florida’s wildly popular Parental Rights in Education Bill, which prevents teachers in grades K-3 from indoctrinating children into transgenderism.

Newsom took issue with DeSantis’ Press Secretary Christina Pushaw slamming anyone who opposed the legislation as “groomers.”

“I say grooming — yeah, it should offend,” Newsom ranted.

Newsom also repeated the false claim that the Parental Rights in Education Bill was the “Don’t Say Gay Bill.”

“Press Secretary for the Governor of one of our largest states said people like me that were opposed to — and I know a lot of people are offended by saying it’s not really a ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill — but referred to those that opposed it in Florida as ‘groomers.’ I think she was promoted, not fired. Certainly wasn’t fired,” Newson continued.

Back in March, Pushaw accurately described people who want to talk to four-year-olds about their sexuality and not telling their parents as groomers.

“If you’re against the Anti-Grooming Bill, you are probably a groomer or at least you don’t denounce the grooming of 4-8 year old children,” Pushaw wrote on Twitter.

“Silence is complicity,” Pushaw continued. “This is how it works, Democrats, and I didn’t make the rules.”

In an email to The Hill, Pushaw refused to bow to the woke mob and again explained that anyone who wants to talk to young children about transgenderism and conceal that fact from their parents are groomers.

“Opponents of the Parental Rights in Education law, by definition, support adults talking to young children about sexuality and gender ideology while keeping these conversations secret from those kids’ parents,” Pushaw wrote.

“I cannot think of a more politically correct word for an adult who advocates for instructing young children (ages 4-9) about sexuality and gender theory while concealing that instruction from the child’s parents. If there is a polite word for such behavior, I’d use it instead,” Pushaw concluded.

If Newsom takes offense at the term, then perhaps it hits a little too close to home.

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