Barack Obama made a fool out of himself when he launched this sick attack on Ron DeSantis

Oct 19, 2022

The entire Democrat Party considers Florida Governor Ron DeSantis a major threat.

Leftists are desperate to do anything to stop him.

But Barack Obama made a fool out of himself when he launched this sick attack on Ron DeSantis.

Obama attacked Ron DeSantis as a humorless, colorless drone in an interview on “Pod Save America.”

In the interview, Obama claimed successful Democrat candidates had the ability to connect with voters on a personal level.

Obama cited Pennsylvania Senate Democrat hopeful John Fetterman as an example of the type of Democrat who could win over voters who didn’t agree with him on every issue because of his relatability.

“Those qualities don’t seem to always apply to successful Republican candidates,” Obama added.

Fetterman is a strange example for Obama to use considering the fraudulent nature of Fetterman’s presentation to voters and his near-fatal stroke.

Voters think Fetterman is some kind of blue collar union worker because of his tattoos and the fact that Fetterman always wears his signature Carhartt hoodie when out in public.

But the reality is Fetterman is a man of privilege who lived off his parents’ trust fund until he was nearly 50 years old.

Fetterman’s parents provided him an allowance until his late 40s as Fetterman’s only income for a 15-year period was a $150 dollar a month salary he earned during his disastrous tenure as Mayor of Braddock.

It was also strange for Obama to say Fetterman could charm voters over dinner as an NBC reporter admitted Fetterman’s stroke left him unable to understand small talk.

Obama compared Fetterman to Ron DeSantis falsely claiming Fox News and other conservative media outlets brainwashed Americans into accepting idealized versions of Republican candidates claiming no one would have any fun hanging out with DeSantis.

“But I suspect, and I’ve talked to you guys about this before . . . again, it’s the degree to which conservative media just has a lock on how people are presented. The dominant narratives there are so powerful that people will vote for DeSantis even if I’m not sure that they would really have a great time,” Obama stated.

“He does not seem like a lot of fun,” co-host and former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau shot back.

“Hanging out with that guy,” Obama responded.

Obama and his team successfully caricatured Mitt Romney as a heartless robber baron during the 2012 campaign running ads that essentially accused Romney of killing a man’s wife by giving her cancer.

Democrats are terrified of Ron DeSantis’ record of conservative achievement as Governor of Florida.

And Obama is signaling to Democrats that they should try and re-run the Romney playbook against DeSantis.

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