Christina Pushaw just exposed one reason why Kamala Harris will never be President

Jul 7, 2022

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a total disaster.

His dismal approval ratings combined with his age and declining mental faculties have many Democrats openly talking about replacing him in 2024.

But Christina Pushaw just exposed one reason why Kamala Harris will never be President.

According to a recently released poll by CIVIQS, Joe Biden’s approval rating is now at 30 percent, with 58 percent of voters disapproving of the job he’s doing as President.

It’s gotten so bad that Biden is underwater in 48 states, including deep-Blue California and his home state of Delaware.

This is the lowest approval rating of Joe Biden’s Presidency.

Of course, Biden’s tanking approval ratings combined with his age and cognitive decline are why more and more Democrats don’t believe he will seek a second term in 2024.

As Vice President, Kamala Harris would normally be next in line to replace Joe Biden.

However, Kamala Harris is even less popular than Joe Biden.

A USA Today/Suffolk poll and a Trafalgar Group survey both showed just 28 percent of Americans approving of Harris’ job as Vice President.

Harris’ horrendous approval rating is not all that surprising given her history of gaffes and failures.

In March of 2021, Joe Biden placed Kamala Harris in charge of the border.

But even though she was specifically assigned the role of “border czar,” the border crisis has gotten worse than ever under her watch.

Along with her policy failures, Harris is also prone to making gaffes whenever she appears in public.

“She’s like a dyslexic poet with a limited vocabulary, she just kind of bombs around the country emitting words,” Tucker Carlson said about Harris’ gaffes, before adding, “and they’re hilarious.”

Harris’ latest embarrassment came over Independence Day weekend when she traveled to Louisiana for the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

Harris sat on stage for an interview with Disney actress Keke Palmer.

But there was one glaring problem.

On the wall behind Harris, the text on the wall mistakenly read “Lousiana” instead of “Louisiana.”

Christina Pushaw, who serves as Press Secretary for Ron DeSantis, poked fun at Kamala Harris on Twitter for misspelling Louisiana while pointing out how the media would have treated DeSantis differently if it was at his event.

“Imagine how mature and understanding the legacy media would be, if this was a @GovRonDeSantis event misspelling the name of the state,” Pushaw tweeted.

In a follow-up to her own post, Pushaw said “I should add the White House budget for communications / advance / external affairs personnel is much larger than the State of Florida’s.”

This is another embarrassment for Kamala Harris, who, unlike Joe Biden, has no excuse for her constant string of failures.

Kamala Harris may believe she is next in line to replace Joe Biden.

But Christina Pushaw just pointed out one of the many reasons why Kamala Harris will never be President.

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