Democrats just hatched a secret plan to end Ron DeSantis’ political career

Jul 22, 2022

Democrats are scared of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The number of lies and smears they throw his way proves it.

And Democrats just hatched a secret plan to end Ron DeSantis’ political career.

Democrat operative Liz Smith made a name for herself working as a key communications aide for Andrew Cuomo, Pete Buttigieg, and Barack Obama.

As Smith promotes her new book about her life in Democrat Party politics, members of the corporate press naturally want to know Smith’s thoughts about the 2024 Presidential race.

In an interview with the left-wing Florida Politics website, Smith laid out her strategy to stop Ron DeSantis from running for President in 2024.

And Smith proposed the laughable strategy that liberals could weaponize conservative media against DeSantis.

“So, if I’m on a Democratic campaign and we’re concerned about him coming out of a Primary, the good news is this: There’s a very, very vibrant right-wing news ecosystem. And so, what I would try to do is try to launder stories through there — Breitbart, Fox, Newsmax, Daily Wire, Daily Caller, Free Beacon, those sorts of sites,” Smith began.

Smith claimed Democrats could attack DeSantis from the Right by leaking stories about areas where DeSantis’ record as Governor drifted from the conservative base.

“Because I think what we’ve seen increasingly is that those types of sites are less likely to pick up from mainstream media. If you get a negative story about (DeSantis) in The Washington Post or New York Times, maybe 10 or 15 years ago that might have been seen as the ultimate coup. But today, if you really want something to take root, and especially among Republican Primary voters, I would go straight to the right,” Smith added.

“I’m sure there are things from (DeSantis’) time as Governor that would put him at odds with the Republican base,” Smith concluded.

Smith must not have been paying attention the last two years.

DeSantis is rising in the 2024 polls precisely because DeSantis picked and won all the fights conservatives care about.

It was DeSantis who led the charge against Dr. Fauci and Joe Biden’s biomedical security state by banning mask mandates in schools and forced vaccinations by businesses.

DeSantis scored a major win against woke corporations by stripping Disney of its special tax privileges after Disney tried to kill a bill that blocked teachers from grooming children in grades K-3 into transgenderism.

And it was DeSantis who fought for a fair Congressional map that eliminated unconstitutional racial gerrymanders and stopped the Democrats from winning more seats than they deserve by drawing misshapen, illegal, black majority districts.

If Liz Smith is supposedly the Democrats messaging guru, then her absurd claim Democrats can attack Ron DeSantis from the Right shows just how much trouble Democrats are in this November.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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