DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin just took the gloves off on one TV host for spreading nasty lies about the Governor

Feb 13, 2023

Left-wing activists in the press are hell-bent on taking down Ron DeSantis.

They’re willing to do whatever it takes – including flat-out lying – to get the job done.

And DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin just took the gloves off on one TV host for spreading nasty lies about the Governor.

The Democrats and members of the media are still in a frenzy over Ron DeSantis’ decision to reject an AP black history course because it violated that state’s Stop WOKE Act.

The left-wing hosts on ABC’s The View are having a complete meltdown over the decision.

On Thursday, co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked for Donald Trump, launched into a tirade against DeSantis based on lies.

Griffin ignored the woke ideology in the curriculum and accused DeSantis of “erasing history.”

“What Ron DeSantis did with banning AP black history – that is going way further than what many members of my party have raised concerns with,” Griffin said. “So there’s a lot of parents who get concerned with elements of critical race theory getting into schools,” she continued, before adding that “I think it’s an important distinction because what he’s doing is so absurd.” 

Griffin is pretending that the curriculum DeSantis rejected had nothing to do with critical race theory or the Left’s woke ideology and was more about racism and “erasing history.”

Of course, this is not true.

The AP black history course was chock full of Critical Race Theory and other woke nonsense such as “black feminism,” “black queer theory,” and even a class about the Black Lives Matter organization.  

Griffin glossed over this fact and smeared DeSantis.

“You’re literally talking about erasing history – not bringing in the theories and the theoretical and the more college-level stuff, that’s CRT,” Griffin ranted. “This is straight up saying we’re not gonna learn about slavery, we’re not going to learn about the Civil War,” she continued, before adding “that’s much more dangerous.”

But DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin took the gloves off on her in a post on Twitter.

Griffin retweeted a video of Alyssa Farah Griffin falsely claiming that DeSantis is “erasing history” of blacks in America and told her to “stop lying.”

“@Alyssafarah: stop lying,” Griffin wrote. 

“Florida has extensive requirements to teach black history. But @GovRonDeSanti will not allow ideologues to utilize black history as a vehicle for a political agenda in FL’s classrooms. FL African American history standards,” he wrote.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Griffin blasted Alyssa Farah Griffin’s comments as “both dishonest and incorrect.”

He noted legislation signed by DeSantis in 2020 that requires the teaching of historical events, including African American history, in Florida’s schools.

He pointed to Florida Department of Education’s website, which states that any black history course must include “the history of African peoples before the political conflicts that led to the development of slavery,” “the enslavement experience,” “abolition,” and “the history and contributions of Americans of the African diaspora to society.” 

The left-wing hosts on The View thought they could score points against DeSantis by spreading lies about him on their program.

But DeSantis Press Secretary Bryan Griffin is always ready to step in and call out the left-wing media’s lies and smears about the Governor.

DeSantis Daily will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

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