Joe Biden is fuming over Ron DeSantis’ decision to remove perverted books from children’s libraries

Apr 26, 2023

Leftists across the country are grooming children into the transgender and homosexual lifestyle.

Governor Ron DeSantis is fighting back against the groomers in Florida.

But Joe Biden is fuming over Ron DeSantis’ decision to remove perverse books from children’s libraries.

Ron DeSantis showed Republicans how to fight and win against the woke Left when he signed a bill that removed Critical Race Theory and other left-wing garbage from Florida’s classrooms and schools.

DeSantis is also going toe-to-toe against the Left’s all-out push to groom children into the transgender and homosexual lifestyle.

He sent Democrats and the media into a fit of rage last year when he signed the Parental Rights in Education Bill, which simply prohibited teaching gender and sex to young children in kindergarten through third grade.

DeSantis also removed sexually-inappropriate books from public schools and public libraries.

Of course, removing sexually-inappropriate books from children’s libraries should not be a divisive and controversial issue.

But using books to indoctrinate children into their gender insanity has been a favorite tactic of the Left in recent years.

During one press event about the books, DeSantis showed a video clip with a series of images in some of the books he removed from the public libraries and schools.

WARNING: Shocking images from these inappropriate books found in children’s schools and libraries shown from 6:40–8:55 in the video below. DeSantis’ remarks begin at 12:30.

The photos were so graphic that news outlets had to cut the feed to avoid a fine for showing sexually-explicit images on regular TV.

But Joe Biden is furious at Ron DeSantis for removing this filthy material from children’s libraries.

During an event Monday at the White House, Biden attacked DeSantis for “banning books.”

“As a student of history, I never thought I’d be a President who was fighting against elected officials trying to ban and banning books,” Biden said during a White House event to honor teachers. “Empty shelves don’t help kids learn very much,” Biden continued, before adding, “and I’ve never met a parent who wants a politician dictating what their kid can learn, what they can think, and who they can be.”

Biden urged parents to stand up to “politicians who try to score political points by banning books.”

Joe Biden also attacked DeSantis on Tuesday in his reelection announcement video for “banning books.”

Of course, Joe Biden knows Ron DeSantis is not “banning books.”

He is removing sexually-inappropriate material out of children’s libraries.

Indoctrination through books is one of the Left’s favorite ways to secretly brainwash children without parents realizing it.

Ron DeSantis is calling attention to the filth leftists are placing in children’s books.

And it’s driving Joe Biden and the Democrats up the wall.

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