One state proved Ron DeSantis’ fears were correct with an insane educational proposal

Apr 14, 2022

Leftists are furious that their radical agenda has been exposed.

Ron DeSantis got the ball rolling on putting a stop to it.

Now one state proved Ron DeSantis’ fears were correct with an insane educational proposal.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis struck a blow in the culture war when he signed the Parental Rights in Education bill into law.

The law simply prohibits government schools from engaging in classroom discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity through the third grade.

At the voter level, the law is so uncontroversial, even a majority of Democrats in Florida support it.

But the intelligentsia is deeply disturbed by the new law.

And activist educators in Maryland have countered the DeSantis law by requiring young children to be taught about gender identity in schools.

Timcast News reported that the “Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE)’s Health Education Framework requires expansive instructions regarding gender and sexuality throughout a student’s education. Furthermore, the department prohibits teachers and administrators from being required to disclose if a student identifies as transgender to their parents. According to the framework, pre-K students should ‘recognize and respect that people express themselves in many different ways’ to meet the ‘gender identity and expression’ requirement and acknowledge that ‘there are different types of families (e.g., singleparent, same-gender, intergenerational, blended, interracial, adoptive, foster, etc.)’ as part of the ‘Family Life and Human Sexuality’ section of the state’s health curriculum.”

So leftists in Maryland think pre-K kids must be taught extremist rhetoric about gender identity and expression.

Other states have already made such education compulsory, meaning that parents cannot allow their children to opt out of the curricula, unlike sex education.

The move by MSDE is ironic considering establishment Republican Governor Larry Hogan chastised DeSantis for getting involved in the educational issue.

Hogan said, “I think the bill was kind of absurd and not something that would have happened in our state.”

Meanwhile in Hogan’s state, his Department of Education is implementing full-blown neo-Marxist garbage into the statewide curriculum.

According to the MSDE guidelines, high school students must be able to “identify how systemic oppression and intersectionality impact the sexual health of communities of color and other marginalized groups” and “examine the ways in which emergency response varies based on sociocultural and socio-political factors such as race, income, ethnicity, gender, community type (rural, urban & suburban).”

This is far-left indoctrination, and it’s even happening in states with a Republican Governor.

RINOs like Hogan say Republicans should stay out of the culture war, but that is absurd.

When conservatives avoid the culture wars, they cede territory to far-left activists who have no intention of halting their advance.

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