Ron DeSantis drove the Fake News Media crazy with one in-your-face move

Sep 14, 2022

The Fake News Media is on a mission to destroy Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

But DeSantis found a way to fight back.

And Ron DeSantis drove the Fake News Media crazy with one in-your-face move.

Ron DeSantis built his national reputation on fighting the Left.

That includes the Fake News Media.

So-called “journalists” spent the last two years lying about DeSantis, spreading hoaxes and exposing themselves as nothing more than left-wing activists.

At the NatCon3 conference, DeSantis’ campaign Rapid Response Director Christina Pushaw explained to attendees that Republicans needed to stop treating the Fake News Media like they were a legitimate enterprise.

Pushaw noted that the number one supporter of online censorship in America was the corporate-controlled media.

In addition, Pushaw pointed out that reporters see themselves as crusaders for left-wing ideological causes.

“The Left does not care if you think that they’re hypocrites. The Left does not care if we notice the double standard in which they cover, let’s say, [Florida Democrat Governor candidate] Charlie Crist versus Governor DeSantis . . . Actually, they relish in it, I would say. A lot of these media activists relish in this raw exercise of power, and that’s what it is,” Pushaw continued. “They see themselves not as journalists, not as reporters, not as investigators but as activists, but as advocates, as political operatives, as gatekeepers and as arbiters of truth. Like they believe that they can define reality. If, you know, they stick to their talking points and censor and attack all those and discredit those dissenting views,” Pushaw stated.

One example of the Fake News Media attempting to influence political debate in favor of the Democrats was how so-called reporters lied about the Parental Rights in Education Bill.

This simple legislation stopped teachers in grades K-3 from grooming children into transgenderism with sexually inappropriate lesson plans.

But the press smeared the legislation and tried to kill the bill by falsely calling it the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” despite the fact that those words never appeared in its text.

Instead of granting the press legitimacy, Pushaw told the crowd that Republicans should instead handle the media like they would any other left-wing activist group looking to cause trouble for conservatives.

“So what do we do? We cut them off,” Pushaw added. “Treat them like activists because that’s what they are . . . You’re on a campaign helping a Republican candidate get elected, would you allow a Democrat tracker that you recognize into a private campaign event? I would hope not. That’s how you should view mainstream media activists . . . They are not there to report fairly on you.”

And with that she ignited a firestorm in the Fake News Media as left-wing activists masquerading as journalists realized they might not get unfettered access to Republican candidates in the future.

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