Ron DeSantis gets a big win in court and the radical Left of course cries “racism”

May 26, 2022

“America’s Governor” has taken on everyone from Disney to the democrats, from teacher union bosses to the transgender lobby.

And he keeps on winning.

Now Ron DeSantis got this big win in court and the radical left is of course crying “racism.”

Redistricting is still going on around the country.

And in many states the courts have had to get involved as Democrats especially have pushed the envelope on gerrymandering.

There have been some districts drawn so ridiculously that democrats were laughed out of court.

And in other states the legislatures couldn’t even come up with plans so independent panels had to be created to do their jobs.

Florida is no exception as the redistricting effort there has been marred by lawsuits and delays as radical leftist groups, Black Votes Matter, and even some Republicans have challenged the DeSantis-backed redistricting plan.

DeSantis insisted lawmakers send him a map that eliminated the 5th Congressional District, which was by most experts accounts an unconstitutional gerrymandered district because it stretched 150 miles for the sole purpose of connecting Black communities between Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

Lawmakers initially balked at DeSantis, insisting his demands were based on questionable legal arguments.

So in March, the Florida legislature passed its own map but DeSantis promptly vetoed it.

Republican leaders in the legislature caved to DeSantis and in an April special session, the Legislature approved a map drawn by the governor’s office.

Leftist groups immediately filed suit to block the new districts claiming the DeSantis redistricting map is an “unconstitutional attack on Black representation in Florida.”

And Judge J. Layne Smith of the 2nd Circuit Court of Florida, agreed, blocking the map because he said it unconstitutionally disenfranchised minority voters by breaking up the 5th district represented by Democrat Al Lawson, who is Black.

But now, an appeals court overturned that ruling giving DeSantis a huge victory.

The Appeals Court also expressed skepticism with Judge Smith’s decision to replace the DeSantis map with one drawn by Harvard University professor Stephen Ansolabehere.

Ansolabehere is a key witness for the groups who filed the lawsuit against the DeSantis plan.

What is clear is that the radical leftists have no problem drawing up their own districts no matter how ridiculous and unconstitutional, but when DeSantis attempts to level the playing field, hypocrisy sets in.

And what’s also clear is that Ron DeSantis, by standing up to the radical left, by standing on principle, and by standing strong, is winning.

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