Ron DeSantis had one message for the FBI that will terrify Democrats

Aug 18, 2022

Republicans are fed up with the anti-Trump FBI.

Conservatives are looking for a way to fight back against a weaponized justice system.

And Ron DeSantis had one message for the FBI that will terrify Democrats.

Speaking at an event in Arizona Governor DeSantis told the crowd that the Founders wrote the Constitution to constrain government because they understood that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

DeSantis put that in the context of the FBI’s abusive and tyrannical raid of Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago.

Governor DeSantis explained that it was likely Republicans would win control of at least one chamber of Congress this November and it was imperative that a new GOP majority hold the FBI and Department of Justice accountable.

DeSantis told the crowd:

The founding fathers knew that government would abuse power. They knew executive agencies would abuse power. They gave, in the constitution, Congress the authority to be able to bring those agencies to heel.

What I hope to see, if Republicans take majorities, is use the power that you have under the constitution to bring accountability to a bureaucracy that’s totally off the rails. You can do it. It’s not easy, but you can do it.

Previous GOP majorities let the FBI run amok with no accountability.

When he was the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, South Carolina RINO Lindsey Graham would always make a big deal about how he would hold hearings and get to the bottom of the FBI trying to frame Donald Trump with the Russian collusion conspiracy theory.

But at the end of the day, nothing would happen.

In the past, Republicans would not threaten budgets unless reforms were made and bad actors fired.

But Congress controls the power of the purse and has the ability to impeach officials.

Governor DeSantis is laying down a marker that a new Republican majority must be willing to take meaningful action against malevolent forces within the FBI and the DOJ.

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