Ron DeSantis is mobilizing resources to end one scourge brought on by Biden’s border crisis

May 17, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t just a man of words.

He’s a man of action who gets things done.

And now DeSantis is mobilizing resources to end one scourge brought on by Biden’s border crisis.

Florida’s popular Governor, and likely 2024 GOP Presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis is making waves around the country.

A $150 billion illegal enterprise

He’s taken on Disney, he’s taken on the union bosses, and he’s taken on Planned Parenthood and the gun-grabbers.

Now Ron DeSantis has his sights set on human traffickers.

DeSantis pledged that Florida would use “every resource at [its] disposal” to put human traffickers out of business and into prison.

“So, all in, human trafficking across this country is a $150 billion-dollar illegal enterprise. And, I’m here to say that Florida – we want to use every resource at our disposal to put human traffickers out of business and into jail,” he told a packed crowd.

The Department of Homeland Security’s annual report from October 2020 to September 2021 said annual global profits for traffickers amount to at least that much.

DeSantis has already signed a number of bills, including SB 7064 to combat the human trafficking and support victims and SB 1690 to require hotels to follow current human trafficking awareness laws and enhance protections for young children.

He also signed HB 1465 to strengthen penalties for criminals who prey upon these victims.

Joe Biden’s dereliction of duty

Before discussing the legislation, the Governor and soon-to-be 2024 GOP Presidential contender took a swipe at the Biden White House.

DeSantis told attendees that Florida had been “kicking the rear end of the Biden administration” on border security, even providing support to Texas.

The Governor also noted that last year, a shocking 72% of all human trafficking victims were illegal aliens, according to the Human Trafficking Institute.

DeSantis brought up a Florida grand jury report that accused Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement of “facilitating the forced migration, sale and abuse of foreign children.”

The Governor filed a petition last year for the Florida Supreme Court to “impanel a statewide grand jury to examine international human smuggling networks that bring aliens to the southern border, and ultimately to Florida.”

“Biden’s dereliction of duty at the southern border is knowingly aiding and abetting trafficking and allowing horrific harm to happen to these children,” DeSantis said in a statement on social media after the bill signing event. “Florida will not sit idly by as the most vulnerable women and children are taken advantage of.”

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