Ron DeSantis is poised to make one stunning announcement that could shape the future of the Republican Party

Feb 7, 2023

Right now, Donald Trump is the lone Republican Presidential nominee for 2024. 

But looks like Donald Trump’s status as the only candidate is about to change and sooner than anyone could have expected. 

And Ron DeSantis is poised to make one stunning announcement that could shape the future of the Republican Party. 

If they think they can win, they will run

If Washington, D.C. politicians think there’s a chance of them becoming President they will run.

So when there’s an open seat or an unpopular incumbent President, the names of people who throw their hat in the race to become President can get long real quick. 

Just look back at the 2016 Republican Presidential nomination. 

Our nation just went through eight years of hell under President Obama and the average voter’s appetite for more Democrat-rule was dwindling by the day. 

So all the way back in early 2015, names of possible Republican Presidential nominees started to emerge. 

You had Republicans with the big name ID like Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio throwing their hat in the race. 

Even little nobody’s like Lindsey Graham made sure they had their chance for the nomination. 

But then, out of the blue, successful businessman Donald Trump emerged like a freight train and no one saw him coming. 

Very few people in the political class took him seriously. 

But we all know how that turned out as President Trump knocked down each Republican nominee one-by-one until he got the nomination. 

When you look at 2020, when many Democrats really believed they could possibly win the White House back from President Trump, it seemed like everyone with a “D” next to their name decided to try and become President of the United States. 

Nobodies like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg were eager to run for the highest office in the land. 

But in the end the Democrat establishment and the media decided to throw all their weight behind Joe Biden once he won the South Carolina primary.

Now as we head into 2023, it looks like we are poised to head into a very contentious Presidential race that is all going to start with a crowded Republican Primary. 

For now, the lone Republican candidate who has announced is Donald Trump. 

We all know that he is the frontrunner no matter who runs against him in the primary process since he was one of the best Presidents our nation has seen in a generation.

And some establishment Republicans like Mike Pence and Nikki Haley have been rumored to be considering running against Trump. 

These candidates won’t have a chance against him and turn out as “also-rans.”

But it looks like the biggest competitor for Trump is about to announce very soon. 

DeSantis 2024?

We all know that Ron DeSantis is a rising star within the Republican Party, but the big question has been whether or not he will run for the Republican nomination. 

According to The Washington Post, DeSantis’ team is getting everything ready for a 2024 run. 

The Post reported, “Advisers to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are actively preparing for a possible presidential run, according to two Republicans with knowledge of the conversations who described meetings and preliminary staffing moves — the latest indication that DeSantis is laying a foundation for a national campaign.”

Some hope that a Trump versus DeSantis primary never happens, but if it does, at least conservatives will have possibly the two best candidates to vote for this primary cycle as both are proven fighters.

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