Ron DeSantis is taking action to fight to protect parents from the Biden administration

Nov 27, 2021

No community is left alone when it comes to federal overreach.

But Ron DeSantis is taking action to fight to protect parents from the Biden administration.

And some members of Congress are backing him up saying the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has no business tracking down concerned parents.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says he’ll “fortify” parental rights to push back against having federal law enforcement officers review threats made against school board members.

He’s coming out fighting against an aggressive bid to shut down parents exercising free speech at their children’s school district board meetings.

At the center of the case is a Loudoun County, Virginia father who was justifiably furious after his daughter was sexually assaulted.

The national school board organization that stirred up the dust in the first place has apologized for sending a letter to Joe Biden comparing upset parents to “domestic terrorists.”

According to Representative Jim Jordan, Attorney General Merrick Garland seemed to be completely clueless about the horrific case – even though Jordan believes that father was referenced in the letter sent by the National School Boards Association when they compared angry parents to “domestic terrorists.”

In a letter to the Attorney General, Jordan pointed out that Garland also seemed “confused” during a recent hearing when it was pointed out that his own memo for the Justice Department to investigate those speaking at school board meetings across the nation included “the involvement of the National Security Division of the FBI, which prosecutes terrorism cases.”

So far, there’s no news on whether our Attorney General is remarkably negligent or an excellent actor.

Regardless, in the letter Jordan penned, which was also signed by seven other Members of Congress, he gave Garland a piece of his mind:

“During your testimony, you sidestepped the obvious effect of your ill-conceived memorandum and the chilling effect that invoking the full weight of the federal law enforcement apparatus would have on parents’ protected First Amendment speech. Parents have an undisputed right to direct the upbringing and education of their children, especially as school boards attempt to install controversial curricula. Local law enforcement and not the FBI are the appropriate authorities to address any local threats or violence.”

Jordan concluded by providing some marching orders telling the Attorney General to, “fully and unequivocally withdraw your memorandum immediately.”

Hopefully, the pressure will stay on Biden’s administration to back off such an insanely blatant and aggressive federal takeover of every community – and school district – in the nation.

Meanwhile, back in Florida, DeSantis has more reason than ever before to build a safe place for parents to protect their children from an increasingly illogical, and unfriendly federal bureaucracy.

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