Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for wrecking the economy with his Blue State Bailout

May 2, 2022

Joe Biden’s Presidency is a massive failure.

Prices on everything from gas to groceries are skyrocketing, with consumer prices up 6.6% in March compared to a year earlier.

And Ron DeSantis just dropped the hammer on Joe Biden for wrecking the economy with his Blue State Bailout.

Joe Biden has failed the American people on every front.

The border crisis is out of control, with record-breaking numbers of illegal aliens entering the country.

With a senile and mentally incompetent Joe Biden in the White House, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has the world on the brink of World War III.

Thanks to the Democrats’ trillion-dollar socialist spending spree, an economic recession is also looming on the horizon.

Polls now show that skyrocketing inflation and the economy is one of the top issues facing voters in the upcoming Midterm elections.

During a recent appearance on Fox News Channel, Ron DeSantis discussed the economic crisis with host Laura Ingraham.

And DeSantis threw down the gauntlet on Joe Biden and the Democrats, placing the blame for the economic downturn directly on their socialist policies.

“[H]e is going to plunge this country into a recession, and that’s just the bottom line,” DeSantis began. “He comes into office, they spend trillions and trillions of dollars, print trillions of dollars. He was warned, if you do that, you are going to spark significant inflation. We have 8.5%, and it’s really higher than that on the things that matter like energy and food. And so, now, they’re going to have to raise interest rates, that’s going to slow down the economy.”

DeSantis added that this will “cause a downturn and that is manufactured by Joe Biden and his inept policies.”

Ingraham then mentioned how the Democrats are pushing to spend another $22 billion on top of the trillions they’ve already spent on so-called COVID funding.

“When he came in and did the trillions, the reason they did it, they said COVID, and they did spend some stuff, but it was mostly to bail out the Blue states,” DeSantis responded. “That’s what they wanted to do. Because a lot of those Blue states were governed so poorly. We were open. Our economy was doing well. And all it’s done is fuel the increases in prices that we’re seeing and is now leading to, unfortunately, I think more economic problems on the horizon,” he added.

All indicators point to DeSantis being correct, that more economic problems are on the way thanks to Joe Biden and the Democrats’ socialist policies.

And this is one of the many reasons why Democrats are expected to take a shellacking at the polls in November.

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